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    Hi users,

    A question for you. I own a couple of ILive T series desks and mixRacks, all running on ACE.
    A friend of mine has an ILive 144 and MixRack iDR10 running on ES.

    He doesn’t plan on changing to ACE so I have an example setup in mind, but the thing is, will it work? I own the iDR48 and iDR16, both with extra ACE cards for link, I could take the ACE card from my iDR16 and try this setup:

    IDR10 with ES connection to the ILive144
    ACE card on iDR10 for FOH/MON split and connection to iDR48 and iLiveT112

    Can we use one format on FOh and the other, simultaneously, on Monitors?

    Thanks for any input.

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    Hello Ruidj,

    You can setup the system as you describe. You’ll need an ACE card in the PortB slot on both the IDR10 and the IDR48.


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    Hello dshriver,

    Thanks for your input. Both my iDR’s have the ACE Card on port B. It’s just a question of removing the one in my iDR16 and put it on the iDR10.
    Is configuring as simple as with standard ACE connection?
    Do you still have gain on one desk and trim on the other?

    I’m going to try and test this ASAP because the standard iLive surface is more suitable for an exterior venue FOH position.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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