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    Hi, my name is Andres. I have a question about the console Q16. Yesterday we used the Q16 in a political act and we need to record it with a backup, but only the Stereo bus, so we connect a hard drive WD Passport 1tb on the Qu-drive slot using that like a backup, and a computer with the USB 2.0 with Cubase 7 like the principal record. Post the act, cheking the result, we find in the hard drive WD Passport files with 1.50mb size and 2 hours of information (that is the strange thing) and hearing it’s like digital noise and nothing more. In the computer the files was complete, but it has in different situation digital noise on the voice, like a robot voice.
    The principal question that we have is, if it is ok to use the both method, qu drive and usb 2.0, or the console can’t stand that method and we have to use only one. In that case, how can i do a live backup?

    Thank you!

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    You asked me directly the same question. I have never tried using both USB to computer and to hard drive at the same time. It is possible you made a wrong choide of what channels to send to one or the other of the devices. Reading the manual many times, and precticing by doing everything before your event happens is the only way to be sure it will work…

    I will say, though, that if the recording is important and will be valuable, record one of the other outputs to a separate external device for safety. For example, I will record from the aux record out to a Zoom recorder, or from the AES out to a Sound Devices recorder, or both!

    Another tip or rule is to always monitor your recording from the end of the chain, so you know a clean signal is getting to the recorder. You cannot do that with the USB drive output, but you could with the computer and the external recorder.

    So a safety backup needs to be a reliable external recording device.

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    Hard to know quite what might have happened here..
    You can actually record to stereo Qdrive (and multitrack) and stream to USB B simultaneously.. it works..under 1.4 firmware anyway.. A&H don’t promote this feature so whether it works in all cases I don’t know.. but this might not be your problem.

    I Q-DRive stereo record records from the mixer LR main mix post fader by default.
    If you have a recording with no signal on Stereo Qdrive then either
    a) the drive was not working properly– (did you format it first and did the QU recognise and present the drive capacity etc properly (under utils)?) OR
    b) it was working but LR was muted or faded out.. (were you sending to a PA with the mixer using the LR main mix ok?)

    I suspect that if you are getting a recording via the USB B but it sounds crap then either
    a) you have a fault OR
    b) you have really bad clipping somewhere- are you familiar with the desk.. did you set the channel trims correctly?

    And yes, you can record to another device using Aux outs or the 2Track out which follows the LR mix post fader but I’d be working out what went wrong last time as a priority.

    Hard to help without more info. If you describe your set up a bit may be able to advise so more.
    Hope you get it sorted

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    the reason both recordings were horrible and sounded like a robot is most likely because the QU mixer is spitting out audio with a sample rate of 48K, your computer’s DAW software was probably set to 44.1 or something other than 48K.
    That would be my guess but it’s only a guess.
    Any time you are recording in the digital domaine all devices MUST be running the same sample rate. ALWAYS! or else 🙂


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    Dan, that is possible but not really likely. It would help if we cold hear a snippet of the sound.

    Andres, go through all the steps to do a recording, make a test recording, ad see if it works. It is essential and mandatory in my world to do several test recordings before the realtime pressure is on. One of my mentors said, better make sure your gear works before you go into combat situations! I don’t like the war analogy but he is right: if your weapons don’t work you are dead. set it all up and make some tests before it happens again!

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    I have very successfully recorded to Qu multitrack and to computer using USB at the same time. I have had no sound problems doing so — they are all clean, so I think it can be done, but there must be some explanation for the problem you encountered. I’d do more testing to see if you can isolate or recreate the problem.

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