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    I am in the process of upgrading from an older GLD-80 to Avantis. I’m programming the Avantis now for a smooth transition from the other board. QUESTION: The GLD-80 had some okay EQ libraries on board…mic specific. A good place to start. My Avantis has that page, but nothing in the library. Is this a missing feature, a download/upgrade, or do I need to program my own library?

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    If your GLD had mic specific libraries, someone added them, as they are only default on SQ and Qu.

    You could go create them manually by loading each one on the GLD and manually setting an EQ on Avantis the exact same way, then saving it.

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    It was in the GLD at one point of firmware – but I don’t know wich, cause I never used it.

    It’s a completly unnecessary feature, cause normaly you Use a Mic proper to your audiosource, and the GEQ is not for correcting, more for filtering unused (or feedback) frequencys and “styling” the sound (with all its con’s). So if you have the Idea to have an correcting EQ for every thinkable Mic, you have the wrong mic for you source.

    Sorry: My Opinion.

    As far as I know: There are no such preset EQ’s, but: Maybe the format of the library is close enough to the the new format, und you might be able to transport it by simply copy it via usb stick an replacing the EQlibrary into the avantis Folder on the stick. If that works, it might be a bit faster than rebuilding them manualy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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