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    Themaxx: Standard Deoxit gold
    Flo84: Mine were all on the left side of the screen, eq knobs, etc. Personally, I’ve never had a product that lasted in a live/production environment that DIDNT need the faders or pots cleaned at least once in its life cycle. I think more manufacturers need to remember this when designing, honestly πŸ™‚ Cooling will force more air over components, yes, but it doesnt necessarily add dust.. If anything, if the airflow is directly across them, then the airflow actually inhibits dust growth.
    Maxdrums: I am confident at least that my board was not a firmware update. I should have taken pictures, but there was lots of oxidation on the contacts for the soft buttons, and I could “feel” the dirt and buildup inside the encoders.

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    I would have thought that you would have used the F5 Fader version, the only one to the best of my knowledge that is to be used on non-metallic contacts. Unless you know that the Pots are metal contact surfaces. I thought most pots nowadays are plastic contact surfaces. Are the pots almost sealed? I say almost because most have a little hole that one can spray into directly. On some the spray will seep down the shaft of the pot.

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    Dizzy-Dale : I agree, we should not need to do this especially quickly. It was just a reflection πŸ™‚

    I also think this isn’t due to an firmware update (it was my first thought too) : I know someone who has tested to re-install a previous version without changing the failure. I also that the breakdown was progressive.
    Attached picture is knob remplacement part for my SQ.

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    Alex A&H

    Hi All,

    We’re very sorry some of you have experienced an issue with the rotary encoders, it is something we picked up on in production (as every unit is thoroughly tested before being shipped), so whilst we have already made the changes to correct this, there are a few units which passed test, but developed this β€˜jitter’ behaviour later.
    If you do have a problem with your SQ, please contact your local distributor or ourselves immediately. When it comes to a hardware issue like this, your distributor will be able to sort everything out, without affecting your warranty.
    As Flo84 suggests, any servicing or repair that is carried out by anyone other than a distributor or authorised service engineer will void the warranty.


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    Hi Alex and all,

    concerning my issue: knobs was replaced and issue is solved πŸ™‚

    For give a feeback, I don’t know what’s the problem you have noticed in production but for my mixer technician sayed me when he opened it he realized that the grease of many potentiometers had flowed on the cards.

    Of course it has always been used in normal conditions (and not touring condition) πŸ˜‰


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    We’re having this issue with the main encoder as well as some knobs on either side of the screen. I’m currently discussing this with Sweetwater but so far I’ve gotten no traction on having it repaired without having to pay for obviously faulty parts.
    I (L O V E) this console as does every touring engineer who uses it at our venue. We’re planning to get another SQ7 for monitors as well as a GX4816 and a DX012 but if the responsibility for the cost of this issue is going fall on us, it will make further Allen&Heath purchases a VERY uphill battle.
    (PLEASE consider covering these repairs under the auspices of some sort of limited recall)

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