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    It’s been quite a while and Apple and Allen Heath have not solved the DAW control problem between them. This is unfortunate. The Qu price range is great and it’s potential is awesome. I fear I will have to switch to pro tools to have the nirvana that almost was with Logic Pro. The Qu appeared to be a god send to small studio owners looking for a 1 to 1 mixer control in their Logic Pro studio, but instead has become more like purgatory.

    I don’t look forward to the learning curve of Pro Tools, but convenience rules in my studio. I wonder if a class action suit would help light a fire under the two companies to solve this problem.


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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Stu,

    There is no issue when using the DAW Control Driver with Logic other than the persistence of the connection.
    i.e. Once connected, there is no problem until the DAW Control Driver is restarted (through a reboot for example).

    It seems this is the case when using ANY virtual MIDI ports with Logic.
    There is currently no work around possible at our end, as virtual MIDI ports are intrinsic to the working of the DAW Control Driver.
    The system also works seamlessly with many other leading DAW’s as you point out.

    We have had a ticket open with Apple for quite a while, we know they are aware of the issue, though of course we cannot force them to change anything.

    Until changes are made, we could say we do not support use of Logic with the DAW Control Driver. Of course this is not the case, as we have hundreds (maybe thousands) of users who use the DAW Control Driver with Logic, and we do offer them support. Saying we don’t support Logic would also be difficult and confusing if Apple do made changes and we needed to say we supported it again, as there would be contrasting information available.
    We appreciate this is an inconvenience when using the DAW Control Driver with Logic, though it takes less than 20 seconds to reconnect and this only has to be done once at the beginning of a session/day, or after a reboot. Is this not less of an inconvenience than learning a new DAW?



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    Could you explain what you mean by reconnect? Do you have to delete the control surface and re-configure it?

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    There is a problem with the DAW controller it does not work with HS OS. The older OS that it did work with was accidentally upgraded and now it dosent work.

    I bought this as a DAW controller first and a mixer 2nd. So this make it an Epic fail with Mac so protools is not far off in my future. I haven’t heard of issues with pro tools so far.

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    Alex A&H

    Hi All,

    Qu DAW control has been tested and working with MacOS High Sierra and Logic Pro X 10.4, if you are having issues, please start a ticket at support.allen-heath.com and we will be happy to help.

    When Logic has been opened after a computer reboot there is no need to start the setup from scratch.

    1. View the Control surface setup window.

    Each control surface will display a ! symbol – ‘DAW1’

    2. Select the first control surface – ‘DAW2’

    3. Reassign the Output and Input port to DAW Control MIDI 1 – ‘DAW3’

    4. Repeat this for each control surface (Surface 2 to MIDI 2, Surface 3 to MIDI3, etc) and the issue is resolved.

    Hope this helps!



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