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    Our church just got a brand new GLD80 Chrome Edition last week. Everything seemed to be fine until the first actual church service. Then all faders in left fader bank (Bank 1) stopped working. The motors basically were not driving the faders at all. Any setting stored on channels in other layers were wiped out when switching between layers. I mistakenly did a GEQ Fader Flip on main output in the middle of the band playing – which messed up entire EQ. After the service (and a few heart-attacks) I tried a firmware update (from v1.42 to v1.51) and then a reset (turn-off -> advanced -> reset) which fixed the problem for about half an hour and then faders stopped working again.

    Desk has been sent back to A&H rep here in South Africa and we have an older GLD80 demo as a temporary replacement.

    Anyone else had similar issues? I really hope that this was just a dud desk and that not all GLD’s are so unreliable…

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    I would have to say that most people with the GLD have not experienced issues like that. I have had a GLD at an install for a little over 3 years now and it has only had one slight issue. I think there was a power issue and the board restarted itself. It was during a rehearsal, but we have not had any issues since. So you definitely had a dud desk. Hopefully when you get it back, you don’t experience any more issues.

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    I had a single dead fader. A&H said it was a ground issue. It was intermittent at 1st, then the motor would not move it all. And yes, when a fader dies, when you switch mixes, it takes the value it is at and applies it to the mix you go to. You must react FAST!

    Please find out what their fix is when they return it and post. A couple of us would be very interested to see what they say the issue was.

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    I have a similar issue with my company’s GLD 80. We have like 10 of these mixers across the company but one of them is out of service due to the Fader bank issue. When we plug a mic into the inputs, the GLD acts like the fader is full open at unity even if the fader is all the way down. The only way to control the channel volume is with the gain nob.

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    We’re having this problem intermittently with our GLD 112. Any fix yet?

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