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    New Avantis user, v1.23, long-time audio engineer. Fun desk to drive.

    I’m trying to use Embedded Recall to have different faders with different fade times, much like the functionality of a Digico desk. The application is to have a band DCA fade out over 7s, while the Vocal DCA fades out over .3s

    I’ve got the “Mother Scene” that is doing other work bringing things in and two “embedded scenes”, one is filtered to JUST the Band DCA and it has a 7s fadeTime, the second scene is filtered to JUST the Vocal DCA and has a .3s FadeTime. On their own, they function as advertised when fired, however, when I embed them IN the Mother scene (which has both DCAs SAFED, so no access to move either Band or Vocals) the Band DCA fade is instant, not 7s

    Thanks for any insights!!


    As it is 99/100 of the time, my error in this ‘issue’

    I assumed that if I filtered out something in my ‘mother scene’, that it wouldn’t ‘read’ when embedded scenes fire, however, that’s not the case.

    Example: (simplified for well, simplicity)

    I’ve got a Band DCA and a Vocal DCA. I have a Music scene, then following that a Speaking scene (single mic, no band, etc), the band is done. I want the speaker’s mic to come up fast, the vocal mics to go down fast and the band to fade out slowly.

    I embed two scenes into “Speaking”
    1. Band DCA Down (7s fade)
    2. Vocal DCA Down (.5s fade)

    “Speaking” Scene is .5s Crossfade, filtered to only speaker mic.

    If I STORE “Speaking” with the Band and Vocal DCA DOWN, even though they’re filtered out, the audio level drops immediately, however, if I STORE “Speaking” with the DCA faders at unity (where they generally sit) and “let the embedded scenes do the work” the appropriate crossfade times are applied.

    Dunno if that makes sense, but, in my mind I thought “Well, it’s filtered out, why would it read it”. Apparently it does, or at least that’s been my experience so far.

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    That seems like a bug to me. I would suggest that you contact A&H support directly (via the official website) and submit a ticket there. It may be something A&H can fix.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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