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    Hey folks!

    Back with another interesting one:

    I have a FOH console (DM48 + c2500) and a Web broadcast desk (cdm32 + c2500,) on the same network, and have been using embedded recall to automate various things that need to synchronize during shows. (Both still running 1.62 updating this week I think to 1.63.)

    I recently added a scene on the WEB desk whose only job is to start reaper recording, and a second to stop. It works perfectly if I recall it from the web desk. (TCP midi connection from the desk to the Mac Pro running Reaper.)

    This morning I’m having to run both desks at the same time; so I’ve added embedded recall @ FOH for every scene on the web desk that I need to run through, including those Reaper Start/Stop cues. However, I’ve noticed that when you activate an embedded recall from FOH that triggers a scene on the WEB desk, it does not appear to show as “Last Recalled,” or issue that midi bang I need to start/stop reaper. Curiouser still, If you look at the scene list on the web desk, you can see the little Play triangle indicating the scene *was,* in fact, last recalled; and as I run through the cue list from FOH, I can see that the web desk is responding exactly as desired.

    …except it’s not registering “Last Recalled,” via those embedded cues, and no midi being sent out from that web desk to the mac pro for each of those embeds.



    …Just to close this up – after some discussion about whether this is intended behavior or not, A&H Confirmed this as a bug and will be fixing it in a future firmware update!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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