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    Dr. J

    On the QU-32: let’s say you have added delay, reverb and doubler to a vocal (-10 to Unity range) Now switch to the upper layer….
    On the upper layer my FX Sends are all at Unity. My effects returns are at Unity as well. So far so good….
    Now on the upper layer push FX 1 on the FAR right of the console. I have delay there. Looking at my FX Sends on the upper layer – they didn’t move… But all of my FX returns are at the bottom..
    Now if I push Fx2 on the Far right I have reverb programmed there. Again none of my FX Sends move from Unity. My FX Returns are at the bottom…. What if they weren’t at the bottom? What does that do?

    Does raising the fader on the RETURN FX do anything? For example if I raise the FX 1 Return that is for Delay when I select the FX2 on the Far right?

    Does any of this make sense? If not I can try to explain a different way.

    Again…. If I add delay FX Return “1” while the FX Mix select button is highlighted on the far right of the console with fx mix 2 selected….

    It is like I am telling the delay return to add to the reverb…??

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    You’d start a feedback loop with some of them.

    Pushing the FX1 button selects the FX1 mix on the faders. The sends are not part of a mix, so they stay as their send positions. However there is no feed from the FX return into the FX channel, so those faders are at the bottom.

    If you raised the FX1 return fader then the FX1 output would be being sent to the FX1 input = tight feedback loop.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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