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    Dr. J

    I would like to see some improvements done on the onboard effects… Reverb and delay are the most common types of effects used… Flanger and phaser- not so much…

    I think it would be great for an A&H tech to take an outboard effects unit of some quality…. TC electronic or a Lexicon….etc… And hook it up to the Qu board and see for themselves that it clearly will sound better than the onboard effects…

    Then just make the onboard effects sound equal if not better….

    Also the stereo 2tap delay needs an “Offset” for the left or right milliseconds. What makes the stereo image is the offset. Right now I can tap in a tempo but unless I manually select and alter the ms on one side or the other – it will not produce a stereo image.

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    I couldn’t agree more. The QU series is outstanding. The best in its class as far as I am concerned. I am hoping an update on the effects will come soon. I would be happy with Lexicon PCM Native or Relabs XL480 plugin level of quality. I can’t imagine that there isn’t enough memory available to hold the algorithms needed for that. I would love not having to connect my outboard gear. A&H… Please 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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