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    Not sure if you can or not, but I understand that with the compact mixers, you can’t do as much as you can with the full sized mixers. Is this true with the Qu16 as compared to the Qu24 and Qu32? I would like to add more effects to my board as well as things like a Multi-band Compressor. Is this possible with the Qu16?

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    There currently is no multiband compressor available for QU. There is on GLD.

    All QU have available 4 engines to use however QU16 only has 2 direct FX sends. Last two have to be sent from an mix buss or inserted on a channel.

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    I just bought a QU16 and would like to know what steps to take that would allow a 3rd and 4th effects routing option.
    I’m a new guy, but have figured out how to assign FX to sends 1&2. Could you explain how to assign 3&4?
    Thanks in advance!

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    FX button next to the screen.
    Press the FX3 tab.
    “Front Panel” button to change to the back panel.
    Change “Input” selection to a spare mix.
    Send channels to that spare mix as you would for the the other FX sends.
    Rinse and repeat for FX4.

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    And read the manual.

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    He 16 doesn’t have groups or matrices, but is otherwise fully featured (channel count obv)

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