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    As it was mentioned somewhere else, but not here……

    Softkey option to open each of the effects edit screens 1, 2, 3 etc please.

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    +1 but only with the ability for editing effects with the select button

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    +1 I think that a good solution would be to add a view function to softkeys. For example, the effect editing view, compressor view on the input channel, or equalization.

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    This is the reason i joined the forums, there NEEDS to be a Jump to Page option for the soft keys like most other digital mixers. This is what I primarily use soft keys for so they’re pretty useless to me without this option besides setting a mute group or tap tempo. As-is right now for me to get to a graphic EQ on the faders i have to hit 3 to 5 buttons. I have to switch to the layer that has the mixbus I want to work on, then hit the select key, then the PAFL if i want to use the RTA (and i gotta make sure no other channels have their PAFL engaged), then fader flip, then fader flip again if its a frequency above 6.3k. Then when i’m done i have to hit fader flip again (or twice if i didnt’t already move up past 6.3k) and then go back to my main layer. Sometimes you don’t even go to the correct layer the first time and this adds even more buttons to hit.

    I want to hit a soft key and it will jump right to, for example, the GEQ on Bus 1 with the RTA engaged for that bus and fader flipped. Then when i hit the soft key again it will go right back to the layer I was on. So with a total of 2 button hits i’m in and out and right back to where i was. Easy peasy.

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    +1 for a jump-to-fx and jump-to-eq on the soft buttons.

    Coming from the ilive, I immediatley missed the popup of the corresponding FX window when selecting an FX send or FX return.

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