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    Hi all – due to what we hope is cabling issues rather than rack related, we’ve recently moved from a LAN connection to Wifi (2.4Ghz) for the laptop runing Editor.
    After selecting the rack in Editor the loading percent bar can take a LONG time to complete, sometimes in excess of 10 minutes.. compared to less thah a minute over LAN.

    The laptop is currently configured to get its IP from the router (DHCP) which farms out IPs in excess of .10 to avoid conflicts with the rack. This is different to when we had it running over ethernet cable where the laptop had a static IP of .10 and plugged straight into the rack.

    Do others use the Editor over Wifi and what’s your experience of how long Editor takes to Load (i.e. complete the percent bar)?

    Thanks in advance

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    I use a laptop over wifi for my editor fairly often. It can take a couple minutes to load, but never as long as you are describing. How solid is your network connection? Do you have good signal strength on your laptop? Is anything else on that wifi router?

    I use a static IP for my rack, surface, touch screen, and xDR. But I use DHCP for my laptop.


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    I agree this has everything to do with how good the Wi-Fi signal strength is, and very little to do with the IP address / DHCP. The key is to pick a Wi-Fi channel that has little interference with other users (check this using a laptop or cell phone to display the channels used by each SSID), and to ensure good signal strength (for example that there are as few obstructions as possible between the antennas).

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    I had issues using WLAN on 2.4Ghz – but when i moved to 5GHZ all went fine since then. Maybe try this first.

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