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    +1 x10E99

    The documentation is lacking in SO many ways.

    So true. A support forum is ‘nice’, but far better to have clear complete accurate documentation that is fully indexed.
    And don’t pay no nevermind to a glossary, full diagrams that are properly labelled, …………

    Fully agree, and it is not new users to audio like some folks whine about, it is folks new to AH gear and their peculiar ways of doing things, as well as the terms they make up that are not standardised.

    For being written by engineers it is good. On an absolute basis the documentation is poor.

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    Most consoles these days (and from the past) are looking in the root of the removable mass storage file system for files to transfer.

    no, not really
    all use their own structure, some use no structure at all and make it hard to use USB sticks on different consoles

    Yep, thanks, Sherlock. Very informative and productive response

    that’s what I hoped…

    Arming oneself with software, a file, and a manual should be all that is required

    if you installed the Director then you have the documentation inside,
    it has a help function available and it’s the same as in the console

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    Mike Storm


    1.) Does the manual discuss the folder structure?

    From the dLive reference guide: USB Shows – Lists User Shows stored in the USB drive. The files are stored in the USB AllenHeath-dLive/Shows folder

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    Thanks, “Miles” (& others), for the assistance with figuring out how to load a SESSION FILE from a USB drive – on a Mac.

    Yeah, this is really *not* intuitive. especially when the saved show is a compressed file.

    …but for now, i’ll take it. thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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