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    We’re getting ready to install a GLD-112 next week to replace our old ML5000, and I’m working on finalizing the programming.

    We make use of several mute groups on the old board, and I’ve configured them as DCAs on the GLD and assigned soft keys to control them. The mute group DCAs don’t have fader strips on the surface.

    Some of these mute groups have channels that may change week to week. Is there a way to edit the channels assigned to these DCAs without having to drag the DCA onto a fader strip first? I can do it in the editor, but I can’t find a way to select the DCA using the board standalone.

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    You can program a softkey to select a particular channel or DCA (even one not assigned to a fader) and bring it up on the processing screen… of course, you need one additional softkey per mute group if you go this route. Otherwise, I think you need to use Editor since even the iPad app doesn’t change DCA assignments.

    Do you have any unused layers on the console where you could permanently stash your mute group DCA faders? If the concern is inadvertently leaving the faders down, you can always lock the fader level at 0 dB for any DCAs you want to use only as mutes.

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    You can come at it from the other direction and select the channel, open the routing tab and then open the DCA tab.

    From there you can choose which DCA’s that channel is (or isn’t) assigned to.


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    You could also do it via scenes, just use the recall filter to block everything except the DCA assignments.

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