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    I am interested in how many instances of DynEQ and MultiBD are usable in SQ. Are they using “normal” FX-Slots? The documentation says something about “RackExtra-FX”, but I don’t find reference what it means (is it only a marketing word for the AddOn-Algorithm, which can be bought or it it really “extra” processsing power?)

    And I know that for example that in dLive DynEQ and MultiBD are not using “normal” FX-Slots… what about SQ?

    Thanks and Best Regards,

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    Andre S

    Hi Tobias,

    the AddOns are divided into RackExtra and Deep.

    Deep: 5 Comp Models, 4 GEQs and the Tubestage Preamp Emulation
    RackExtra: MultiBD, DynEQ, De-Esser, Echo, HypaBass and Bucket Brigade

    Deep AddOns work in the channel processing and RackExtra, as the name suggests, in one of the normal 8 FX Slots. That means you can have a maximum number of 8 MultiBD or DynEQ.

    Hope, that helps a bit.

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    KeithJ A&H


    Andre is spot on (as he always is đŸ˜‰ ), so I’m just going a little DEEPer here:

    ‘Special’ processing in our digital consoles can be broadly split into 3:

    DEEP – DEEP processing is embedded into the channel and works by replacing a standard processing block with our analogue modelled units. This means there is no added latency or processing penalty and you can use as many instances as you have channels (e.g. a Tube stage and modelled compressor on every input channel if you wanted!). dLive, Avantis and SQ all have the DEEP engine and run the same algorithms.

    RackExtraFX – Originally we had ‘RackFX’, when more FX options were added, they were renamed ‘RackExtraFX’. All RackExtraFX require an FX engine slot, so when you see the number of FX engines listed for a console, this is the number of RackExtraFX that can be used at one time.
    dLive = 16 FX engines
    Avantis = 12 FX engines
    SQ = 8 FX engines
    Qu = 4 FX engines
    If you’ve been doing this for a while and the analogy works, you can think of each of the FX engines as equivalent to an outboard (rack) multi-FX unit.
    Note that the MultiBD and DynEQ units do exist in dLive as RackExtraFX. Again, these are the same units available as add-ons for the SQ.
    What you’re probably thinking of however is the DYN8…

    DYN – The DYN engine runs the DYN8 in dLive and Avantis (SQ does not have the DYN engine). This is an incredibly powerful 4 band dynamic EQ + 4 band multiband comp that can be used in an insert point. There is an added latency (although it’s only 4 samples!) and it’s not embedded in the channel. There are also a finite number that can be used (64 instances on dLive and 16 instances on an Avantis with dPack) so it’s not the same as DEEP.

    All of these depend on the hardware, so it’s not possible for example, to add DEEP add-ons to Qu, or the DYN8 to SQ.


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    Perfect. Thank you both very much for explanation!

    Best Regards,

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