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    Hi there!
    I recently just noticed, that the compressor in ducking mode doesn’t allow for the sidechain to follow mute or have it sidechained post mute off the
    source channel.
    This for me renders the ducking function unnecessary since ducking of the channel will still occur according to the source channels input level even if that channel is muted.

    For example, a presenter ducking a music channel will still ride the music up and down even if the presenter is muted.

    I know there are sidechain options in the QU series.
    Not having these options in the SQ seems strange.
    For me, this is a key feature missing.

    Hopefully this is being looked at already..?
    I couldn’t find anything on that topic yet but can’t imagine being the first one to notice..


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    On SQ select Processing / Compressor then press Library and select “Ducker Mode”.

    The signal used for side chain is not affected by Mute but there is a trick for that, simply:

    – route all voice mics to a group
    – use group to side chained ducker channel


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    Hey Max, thanks.
    I know there are several ways as a workaround but coming from the Qu Series I am rather surprised not having the sidechain feature source select implemented in the SQ Series.
    In the Qu Series besides other the direct out can feed the sidechain source.

    And even if running groups as sidechain is a common thing to me a “per channel ducking” is also very common. Using groups or mixes just to use the sidechain properly is blowing resources.
    Here is the topic over at general discussion where you can also read why I think this is a key feature missing:

    SQ5 Ducking Mode Sidechain

    – Cheers!

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    +1 from me.
    Any source that is available as a sidechain input should at least have the option of respecting its mute state, so if muted the sidechain doesn’t trigger.
    This should be everything that has a sidechain, not just the Ducking mode.

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    +1 on this. Use cases are numerous but I’d have post-mute if I was only allowed one choice for the pick-off point. Having an option would be even better.

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