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    Ducker would be great feature.

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    A Ducker / Compressor Sidechain would be really helpful! +1 Thank you 🙂

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    I agree that a Ducker would be really helpful. While it’s true that AMM solves this problem in part, a dedicated Compressor Sidechain would be suitable for much more situations!

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    Well, this is a really old thread.

    Still no side chain. No ducker. No further development at all

    I am pretty much done with A&H .

    I got an SQ this week. No ducker again! Even though they have side chain.

    I am sending it back.

    Gonna go back to Yamaha. Every digital desk has always had ducking. A&H just doesn’t care about us who spend our money with them.

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    (How many +1s does this make over the last 4.5 years?)

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    A sidechain on compressors would be really really helpful ! +1

    Thank you

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    definitely +10k

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    This can’t be +1’d enough. A sidechain filter on the gate and compressor that can be keyed to other channels is absolutely critical. Even an entry-level digital board like the X32 has this. The sidechain filter on the GLD channels is also nearly useless without the ability to PFL. The possibilities with this feature are endless, for example if I can key a vocal channel to itself with the ability to adjust the filter slope and PFL it, then I’ve got a de-esser if I need it without using up the channel’s insert slot. A PFL’d sidechain key means that I can gate the hi-hat nearly out of a snare mic. I could almost auto-mix my low end if I can key the bass’s compression to the kick drum, not to mention create a more exciting mix. I could control plosives on a spoken-word mic by side-chaining its compressor to itself and setting the filter with a tight Q to 100-200 Hz – technically the GLD has this ability but without PFL it is much much less effective. Why is it that a sub-$2000 board like the Behringer gets full-featured dynamics and the GLD doesn’t? This has been a feature request for at least the last FOUR years – can we finally get this done? I love the board otherwise, sonically and control-wise. This would make it perfect.

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)

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