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    More of a question for A&H rep in regards to the DT168 boxes. I’m curious to know if in a multi-console/multi-mixrack setup, where both racks have the super-dante card, and one console is assigned to control the preamps of the box, if the other console would have the option of applying gain compensation via trim when preamp gain is adjusted.

    On a side note, any info when we could expect these new boxes and price range would be awesome to know too.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Jacob,
    The DT168 behaves slightly differently than a DX expander with regards to mic preamp control. Essentially multiple A&H mixers can have control of the same socket preamp, and the split can occur at the Dante level (DT168 -> multiple destinations) as opposed to tielines from one mixer to another. And yes, on dLive you can turn on Gain Tracking so that any change to the socket gain will be automatically compensated by digital trim.

    Shipping is currently planned for end of May.
    Price will be roughly 30% higher than the DX168. Regional pricing will be available soon I imagine.

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