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    since the proposed layout costs around 75 Euros I personally don’t mind to not have switch and WAP in one box. But I could afford carrying additional spare units, just in case…
    dd-wrt? thought thats router software, nothing to configure specialized switch hardware (VLAN switching can’t happen on software level, its simply too fast)…

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    Some of the dd wrt routers can deal quite happily – the draytek hardware in particular springs to mind.

    Of course it’s significantly cheaper to just have a couple of “normal” WAPS and a couple of ~5 port L2 managed switches…

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    yup, you’re right in all points. For example the Vigor2130 seems to have all required functionality (among plenty of stuff not required), but a single unit costs about twice the three box solution and seems to be even more complicated to mount inside a rack..

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    Well there you go then.

    I’ve recently used some pepwave kit which has the required function and would be trivial to rack mount (since it’s designed for it) I hadn’t really thought the single box solution through though 🙂

    Let’s stick to three or 4 boxes as the solution (WAP at each end is probably a good idea) Could probably be mounted in a small case for each end (since they’d be identical it wouldn’t matter which one you grabbed for each end, or for a “small” gig). Would also allow easy mounting slightly higher than racks, putting a WiFi aerial in the lid 😉
    Need at least 4 ports:

    DSnake device connection
    WAP Connection
    Ethernet device Connection

    Only the ethernet device connection at the “stage” end would be wasted.

    You could even put a wireless IEM transmitter in one, for PAFL out and about…

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    Hi there!

    I made the same connection with two SG108E switches but I have some issues with crackling sounds on the audio.
    Did anyone you experience the same problems?
    For as far as I can see I did exactly the same as mentioned before..

    kind regards,

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    Yorkshire Pudding

    Hi Stef,
    Crackling is usually due to latency in the packets on the audio connection, so this traffic isn’t getting priority over the data packets. You’ve probably not got the QOS settings correct, or have misconfigured the V-LAN. If you can post screenshots of every page on the config for the switches I’d be happy to have a look and see if I can spot the problem.

    Also, when the system is wired up, the connection LED by the port for the cable between the 2 switches should be green (gigabit), and all the rest of the connections should be orange (100mbps). If not then you’ve not setup the bandwidth limits correctly.

    And the least likely issue is good old dodgy cables – so don’t forget to check a simple D-Snake connection with each of the cables individually 🙂

    Hope that helps!

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    Or the switch is trying to be clever.
    No trunking or traffic analysis should be used – they mess up the audio badly.

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