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    Looking at an using a qu24 with an ar2412 located in our av room with the amps. Dsnake connection will be running over existing cat5e infrastructure in the building. The mixer will be regularly used in a number of locations within the hall space in different situations by different users. Now I understand the Dsnake protocol is single point to point Question: To save having to keep changing patches within the patch bay (which we are trying to limit access to). Could I connect the three differentent ports that will regularly be used for patching the mixer at the different locations in the hall to their own dedicated layer 2 switch and then on to the ar2412. Reading this in the knowledgebase makes me think this should work:
    Am I reading this right, can anyone confirm this works and would be reliable?

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    This should work just fine. I’d suggest a gigabit switch, just to ensure there is enough switching backbone. It’s not as if they’re expensive nowadays either…

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    The dSnake works well across switches, as long there is no other traffic on that (physical) segment. If you could patch all locations into a separate switch (not connected to the remaining infrastructure) you should be safe.

    You may want to check out this old thread as well: DSnake & ipad on same network?

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    I have a question can I use my Qu-16 like a D Snake in stagebox for my Qu-24 even though I would only have 16+3st channels or did they not allow for this type of use in this firmware?

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    I’d been wondering about using a qu24 and qupac the same way but I’ve been told it can’t be done as both are “master” clock sources 🙁

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    That’s correct – there is (currently??) no way for the QU series to slave their clocks to an external source.

    Without the clock being slaved, there are all sorts of drift and jitter issues which are properly difficult problems…

    For that reason the desks cannot act as stageboxes 🙁

    More likely is that A&H will (v2? V3? V7?) release a mechanism to allow a QU16 to act as a remote surface (i.e. disable all it’s audio IO) for a QuPac – although that will not be without it’s challenges (not least the fader count)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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