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    Dick, my attack setting is fairly aggressive at 25ms but the release more gradual at 200ms. I also made a typo in my previous comment – the threshold is actually -8dB and not -18dB.

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    The threshold has no specific point to be at. It is all d├ępendant on the incoming level and varies with every mic and artist. More front In gain yields less threshold. Less front gain equals more threshold. So don’t lock into a number. I’ve always complained about release values on QU. 100 is lowest. For vocals I would like much faster but can’t.
    As others have said you can get so much compression going that your vocals stay buried. Lessen the thresholds up some if you need more pinch through.

    As I previously said. Get the band down or turn them off. I have done many shows with the band DCA all the way down. Even after I asked them to turn down. Guitarist are the worst. Drummers next. Depending on the room sometimes bass is a real problem. Everybody wants to be the star. I was a drummer in a previous life. I was never like that. I held back. We never had instrument mics. 5 input Altec mixer. On stage. So we had to adjust.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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