Does SQ5 support surface SQ-Drive USB rec. and back USB-B out at the same time?

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    I’m having a little trouble and wanted to verify that this was even technically possible before putting much more time into it. I’m trying to set up an SQ5 to record one mix (stereo) onto a USB flash drive on the surface SQ-Drive, and use the back USB-B as an output for streaming a different mix (via OBS) on a PC. Is this possible? The manual notes that “All patching to or from USB sockets will then apply to either USB-B or SQ-Drive, depending on the USB mode.” which kind of sounds like what I’m trying to do isn’t supported…

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    Søren Steinmetz

    The hardware USB interface in the console only works on either the SQ-drive OR the USB-B, not both at the same time as there is only a single USB interface in the console.

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    Since SQ-Drive appears to have massive Problems with several USB Storage devices (not only thumb drives by far) and it is practically impossible to predict which USB Storage device to order that will work with it especially but not only when it comes to Multitrack Recording, anyone who really needs that functionality should at least consider using some Notebook or small Computer Device (Raspi?) for Recording and Playback via the USB A Port as “Plan B”.

    That way it works much more flawless and reliable and allows to do recording and playback simultaneously even to USB Storage devices not working on USB Port B that are fast enough to handle the data.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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