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    I have listened to the samples on the A&H site re the compressor plug ins and the PL76 and the Opto compressors they sound good to me and different from each other

    But the A/B presented on the sales page is between Dry and the Plug in – not between:
    – Dry
    – Stock Compressor suitably tweaked by audio professional
    – The PlugIn suitably tweaked

    So it is bit hard to know how much different the Opto in particular is to the stock compressor on say Vocals?

    Do you have any thoughts?

    One reason that the plugins would be great is if they came with really good presets for noobs like me to serve as a start point to get the best out of that specific emulation.. do they have presets you can select easily?

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    Just start with the basic stage plot that you have always used [on that gig] with that same band before thinking about jumping in to use unfamiliar plugins that you have not tried in a live scenario.
    Duplicate your past gig with that band 1stly and save that show.
    New desk.. Layers.. Just allow a few spare channels [as the guys here have said] along side of
    your layout
    Keep it simple on your first gig with the SQ5
    That’s what I would do.
    You know how to get a hold of me.

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    Mike C

    There are preset librarys you can open for the processing blocks.
    Have you purchased some of the optional DEEP processing moduals?

    XYZ makes a very good point!!
    As for processing what comes stock with SQ is very good and will not be a limiting factor.

    Will you have a chance to do rehersal with the band?

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    Thanks guys..
    Yeh good points 🙂
    [Thanks Dave– much appreciated. Hope you are going well man?]

    No I’ve not bought any of the optional plugins..

    Doubt I will get rehearsal with the band.. I’ll be extremely lucky if I a get a soundcheck with all the main players 🙂 There are 13 of them
    – 5 Vox (who all take leads) [including singing drummer/band lead]
    – Acoustic Gat (sometimes)
    – 2 EGat
    – E Bass
    – 2 Keys
    – Percussion (including cowbell and triangle 🙂
    – Full Acoustic drums plus Roland Pads
    – Congas
    – 3 brass: trumpet and saxes usually

    6 monitor sends (uses all my old RCF speakers)
    FOH KV2 Audio with EX12 tops and EX 2.5 sub

    Small hall – reasonably sized stage
    200 people ish
    (Every time it’s a bit of a mission for me actually 🙂

    I previously submixed some channels from a MixWiz 14:4:2 but now will hook my QU16 to SQ5 over SLink (that’s pretty straight forward).

    I think that the SQ will make things quite a bit easier if I don’t completely lose the plot 🙂

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    Mike C

    Yep your going to jump in to your first SQ mixer gig in a big way!!
    Sounds like a fun band to mix and work with. Of the VERY FEW live music
    shows I did this past summer two of the bands were a similar line up.

    When I first stepped out into the world of digital mixing I picked an event
    that only had a three piece band with a small overall PA set up!!!

    At least since you know the band you can program the mixer ahead of time.

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    Yes– I know the band well.. and I have QU16 saved scenes I can go to pre-configure the desk.
    QU to SQ seems a fairly natural transition and I am spending time getting familiar so should be ok provided I don’t go too crazy indulging myself in all the new features.

    The interesting thing though is that although the SQ is more “complex” ie. has more features and options, the SQ’s separation of the key concerns of Input socket assignment vs patching vs surface layout and the (relative) ease of these things makes the whole desk so much more logical.

    Where it is easy to get confused for a noob is FX routing when using groups–and handling inputs and outputs on the same patching screen makes it a bit counterintuitive to me- always makes me scratch my head somewhat- hard to do these things at speed on the fly if you are still unfamilar I would say.

    But it’s an awesome piece of industrial design – I’m a software systems analyst of 30yrs by trade and the SQ blows me away

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