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    Nicola A&H

    dLive maintenance release V1.9A is now available on our website.

    Why the letter A? We ran out of numbers after V1.98 (previous release) and V1.99 (which was briefly released end of 2023 but pulled while we were investigating a potential issue).

    Download at https://www.allen-heath.com/hardware/dlive-series/all-models/resources/

    Read about it at https://www.allen-heath.com/content/uploads/2024/03/dLive-Release-Notes-V1.9A.pdf

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    So the screen flickering was the issue introduced with 1.99?

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    So the screen flickering was the issue introduced with 1.99?

    Given that this screen flickering issue that was listed as “fixed” in the 1.99 firmware, I’m going to say no, it wasn’t introduced in the 1.99 firmware. It’s likely the original “fix” was not adequate however since the ID number is different from the original “fix” ID number. It’s even possible that the 1.99 fix made the problem worse (and that is why it was pulled), but it’s clear it wasn’t the initial cause of the issue.

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    I downloaded dLive director v1.9A and clicked on update MixRack, the upgrade process started, but after couple of seconds the dLive director exited.

    The dLive-firmware-update-instructions-Issue-6.1.pdf document says: “Do not interrupt this process. Failure to complete the transfer may result in firmware corruption.”
    It seems the dLive director itself is interrupting the process, and the above statement suggests that such action can brick the MixRack.
    The document also says ‘An “Update Success” message will appear when the update is complete’
    I was hoping that a background process was still working on the update so I waited 40 minutes for the Update Success message to appear, but that hasn’t happenend, therefore I started again the dLive director and I saw that the firmware is still on V1.98.
    The web UI ugrade can be another option, but again the document says use the dLive director method above V1.9

    The last thing I want is to brick the device therefore I even didn’t power cycle it and keeping it online until I receive further instructions.
    Could you please let me know why the dLive director exited without giving any error message, why the MixRack is still on the old version and what would be the best way to solve this?

    Thank you!

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