dLive Surface to iLive Mixrack connection

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    This is a great idea because :

    Different segment when using iLive Mixracks at 48khz 64×32 while dLive Mixracks at 96khz 128×64. It will not hurt dLive Mixrack sales.

    iLive population is huge around the world.
    It will be easier to transition them to be dLive users by offering dLive Surface connectivity with all (or some) dLive’s facilites. Huge opportunity to market dLive!

    It’s a win-win situation between iLive users and A&H


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    Don’t see how this would work, completely different system not just the sample rate / bit depth ec. Whilst the interface feels quite familiar the two systems are worlds apart.
    I could see it being possible to use an iLive rack connected via Dante or Ace as additional mic amps but you would need a Laptop or something to effectively control the iDR rack. Then You would still need a D Live rack for processing.
    Pretty sure someone from A&H will give chapter and verse on the subject.
    Ian B.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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