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    Hello All,
    I’m the new A1 at a local theater, trying to revive a Soundgrid system that’s not passing audio to/from the console.

    dLive S5000 –> M-DL-W3 Waves card (Slot 5) –> Cat6e –> Ethernet port: MacMini 2014 (Core i5) running 10.11.6 El Capitan.

    Learning: I’ve read every post about Waves & Soundgrid on this forum. I’ve read all the manuals. I’ve taken all the Soundgrid courses on the Waves website.

    Swapping: swapped Cat6 cables. Swapped dLive slots. Tried with and without the network switch. With and without the Waves server.

    Booting: I’ve tried every conceivable boot order – console, MacMini, software.

    Patching: tried patching on the console, in Soundgrid Studio, in my DAW: Reaper or Tracks Live.

    Virtual Soundcheck: enabled and disabled, and enabled/Disabled Record Send.

    Software: poked around for hours in the various Soundgrid apps and control panels, in OSX Audio MIDI setup, A&H M-Waves, Reaper, Tracks Live.

    Calling Waves: I’m allergic to phones, I haven’t gone there yet.

    I’ve spent several hours trying to revive this system, and I’m out of ideas. The previous A1 at this theater had it running. Then Covid shut us all down, and now I’m here.

    What’s the secret handshake to get audio to/from the MacMini?
    Thanks in advance (TIA) for your help.

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    What are you running on the Mac mini? I run QRec (Free Download From Waves) to get them to see each other. This could be what you are missing.

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    I hadn’t heard about QRec, thanks! It looks like Waves v.12 stuff.

    The system I inherited has Soundgrid Studio, and a couple of other apps. Mostly Waves v. 9 or v.10 stuff.

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    I finally called Waves tech support, and a very nice and capable support engineer took control of our MacMini and made it all work. Basically, he believed one of the apps had gotten corrupted. So he deleted and reinstalled the drivers, SoundGrid Studio, and Multirack.

    Now I can send 32 tracks to the Mac Mini for recording, and receive 32 tracks back for Virtual Sound Check.

    One caveat: SoundGrid Studio, which enables record/playback through Soundgrid, cannot run at the same time as Multirack. So you can either run tracks, or have Multirack plugins, but not at the same time, on the same computer. Theoretically you could perform those two tasks with two separate computers, but don’t quote me on that, i’m not a real doctor, i just play one on TV.

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    Nicola A&H

    @hungryear If running Multirack, in addition to the Connections from the Waves card to Multirack and back (for plugin processing), you should be able to create Connections from the Waves card to the SG Driver for recording/playback at the same time.

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    It is true: you can only have 1 host application (I believe that’s the term) running on any Soundgrid network.
    These apps are: Soundgrid Studio, Multirack Soundgrid or Superrack Soundgrid (possibly also LV-1).

    However, you can absolutely run Multirack and playback simultaneously on the same computer (and even record the show if you really want to get into it).

    For this to work, you will have to do all the routing in Multirack, which is a bit cumbersome, but once you have it set up, it will be fine.

    I don’t have a computer running Multirack around at the moment, but I believe you need to check the “Soundgrid Inventory” page and make sure your SG driver shows up there and then route the channels you would like to use on the “Soundgrid Connections” Page.
    See page 24 of this: https://www.waves.com/1lib/pdf/live/multirack-setup-9-8.pdf
    for some more information.

    BTW: Routing is a lot more fun in Superrack (very similar to Soundgrid Studio).

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