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    Hi all,

    I’m curious about how gigaACE interacts with Dante based on how a system is wired. I understand that gigaACE allows other network traffic to flow through a limited bandwidth tunnel, but not sure how it behaves in all situations. My example: I have a foh surface and a backstage mixrack connected via cat6 cable via their respective gigaACE ports. The mixrack has a Dante card, so in addition to gigaACE, I have Dante primary and secondary headed to foh. I have a wireless router connected to my Dante primary network at foh for iPad control, and the router also manages ip addressing for the network. I connect a mixrack network port to my Dante primary switch backstage, and both the surface and mixrack IP addresses fall within the router’s IP table. Everything works fine, I’ve never had a problem on any front, except that my iPad app control is frequently sluggish and sometimes unresponsive. Any reason for this? Should I be wiring things differently?


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    iPad app control works over wireless, maybe the wireless connection has drop outs sometimes…

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    Not likely, I’m using the same wireless router that i use on other shows, and have successfully used in this venue with other consoles. Its sluggish when im sitting right next to it.

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    Hi Rob,

    First of all Dante and wireless networks is not a good match 😉
    You could put the Dante control network on the same network as an aces point but not the primary or secondary ports.

    In your case I assume you need the Dante connections to be @FOH for multitracking?

    Why not put the Dante card in the surface?

    You can have a direct connection to your laptop from the surface.

    You can connect the wireless router or acces point to the network port of your surface or mixrack for control.

    The iPad app probably responds slowly because of excessive network traffic due to the Dante audio flows and Dante clock?

    As you may know Dante works on zero config (bonjour) and doesn’t need an dhcp server.

    If you want to keep the Dante card in the mixrack use the control port on the Dante card to connect to the mixrack and connect the AP to the network port of the mixrack or surface.

    In this case you can use Dante controller, director and the iPad app on the same network.

    Hope this helps!

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    Dante and Wireless get along fine, as long as the wireless is intelligent enough to filter the multicast. I run it in several theaters. However, we also explicitly run a separate control network for consoles.

    A couple questions:
    1) How old is the ipad? I have an iPad 3 and a current generation. The 3 is sluggish to the point of unusable, regardless of the network connection.

    2) Is your Dante unicast or multicast? If you just have the wireless without a properly configured switch, you could pushing multicast to the wireless and back down the Gigaace network tunnel slowing everything down. You would see this on the surface with slow show and scene recalls.

    The iPad connects to the mixrack. Disconnect the link at stage between Dante Primary & the MR. Connect the router at FOH to the network connection on the surface (disconnect from Dante). Remember that you now have 2 networks, same ip range, but they are segmented. You can’t plug a laptop into both at the same time and have it work.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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