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    I’m wondering quality wise pros and cons to use dlive with Dante card in studio as main AD/DA compering to UAD, Antilope etc soundcard for recording and mixing.

    Best regards / Thomas

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    the quality of the conversion is very good it is even better with the Prime Cards

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    Years ago I used to run a studio, before going to 100% live sound. I had a client ask me if I could remix an old project of theirs that I worked on, which resided on an HD24 recorder. Others had asked for similar things, so I decided to buy an ADAT to Dante bridge, and connected the old HD24 to my dLive system along with a Waves setup.

    The whole thing worked flawlessly and sounded fantastic. I don’t see any reason that dLive couldn’t be used in a studio situation, especially given it’s extreme flexibility in configuration.


    I would even add that – *because* dLive maintains phase relationships at every point of processing, it’s arguably a better choice than many other systems for studio work. Obviously, things like Pro Tools will do this to a point, but even in Pro Tools there are weird quirks occasionally when committing tracks. (I’ve had things *clearly* not properly phase-align when you look at the unprocessed and processed tracks side-by-side.)

    If I had a dLive in my personal studio it would be my primary mix tool for most things. I would still use UAD and Fab Filter processing for certain aspects of mix. Reverbs, multiband compression come to mind in particular. (Dyn8 is okay, but there are many things it doesn’t do particularly well.)

    My previous studio interface was an Apollo quad, A/d was phenomenal. Preamps were amazing too. I abandoned ship on that for a Focusrite Red4, which gives me Dante i/o in the space. I also had some qualms about Uad Console limitations. I still have a UAD satellite for DSP. (The Red4 is also ridiculously transparent.) …I am still considering a DM0 to upgrade studio and live rigs.

    A Good friend of mine bought in to Antellope instead of UAD when I got my Apollo. …great hardware unless you’re in a Windows environment; and the support is… pretty nonexistent. Converters are great, but there are so many weird quirks with software.

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