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    Ben A&H

    Hi all,

    1.7 is online now – enjoy!


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    Direct patch of PFL/Mixes to channels? Ext. Input of PFL and Mixes to Mixes? Ext. Input of Mixes to PFL?

    What every console should have. Amazing!

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    Thanks for the update!

    The new routing options are very interesting!
    Also the Range limits for the IP8 controllers is one thing you can really use for some applications.
    I still have to try out the other workflow enhancements, but I think that the 10kHz starting value for the LPF is very practical.

    But I must admit, I’m not quite happy yet. There are still a few big wishes left. That’s why I’m already looking forward to upcoming updates. 😉

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    Wow! Almost nothing that the community has asked for was addressed in this last update.

    Good job A&H!

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    I wouldn’t go that far – there are a number of requests and bugs directly addressed in this release:
    – Routing options area big plus – there are some things that were near impossible to handle in-board prior to this (and requested)
    – Custom midi on scene recall
    – Mixpad user permissions (bug)
    – Mute status on meters (I actually requested)
    – AMM Metering
    – Preamp/trim on LCD
    – A few just-identified bugs (unicode character) that probably actually held this release a few days.

    Shure integration was probably paid – either Shure or a large customer commit – but they missed a huge part. If you are running Dante, then ULX-D has management on the primary Dante so you have to make your audio management network same as Dante primary – not a good thing. The Shure lines support gateway routing intentionally to support the necessary network segregation, but A&H didn’t implement it (you can’t specify target network to scan or enter a list of IP’s to connect/manage).

    However, I’m also in the category of “still not happy yet”:
    – I want the RTA/Spectrograph overlay and A/B inputs on channels.
    – I would also like the see the CL level of Dante integration – channel names flow between card and dLive.
    – 5-6 band parametric EQ option on outputs (I’ll trade some Dyn8)



    Agreed with Jay on all points!

    Some very useful features in this one!

    -Director crossfade bug on scene recall has also been fixed! – didn’t see that announced, but I tested it and it seems fixed!

    -ip8 custom fader ranges now! (Still no 0/inf shortcut, but this is helpful.)

    -MixPad finally respecting user permissions is a *big* deal.

    -New routing options!!! I was playing around with feedback loops/no-input mixing using the new routing features yesterday. Obviously, this is *not* what most folks would use them for. Suuuuuper excited to free up some bussing because of that addition!

    My “Still not happy,” list includes –

    1) Embedded scenes still don’t issue a midi bang (Program change,) on go. – Haven’t tried this w/ adding custom midi to an embedded yet though. (identified bug, being fixed in a future update.)
    2) Embedded scenes from a primary (FOH) desk, that recall on a secondary (Broadcast) desk still do not register as “Last Recalled,” on the broadcast desk. (even though the scene is definitely being recalled. Also no midi bang there (broadcast side.)
    3) ip8 – Fader to 0/inf shortcut
    4) Android OS app support.
    5) OH! *and* Program change Bang on Undo + Go (Last primary, non-embedded recall scene,) Please!!!

    …and those are kind of small annoyances at best.

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    On the ULXD you can run a split network mode, and that puts Dante on the secondary port and Shure control on the primary. That way you have audio on one port and control on another.

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    Wow! Almost nothing that the community has asked for was addressed in this last update.
    Good job A&H!

    thats not true, there are some fixes and improvments that where requested from the community
    but still room for more to come

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    my list
    EQ improvments:

      latching Q button on C series
      extra filters in the outputs
      dedicated switches for modes of high and low band instead of toggle
      on/off switches in EQ screen for filters in the input channels
      Q for the shelf
      RTA on the EQ display
      DEEP processing EQ models with a special output EQ for system tuning (more than 4 bads, notches, tunable filters)

    other improvements:

      better handling of dual mono FX in inserts
      new reverb units
      shortcuts to screens on user keys
      new widgets for south area containing gate and compressor views additional to EQ

    PS sorry for a second post but the edit didn’t work

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    i support all ideas of SteffenR
    (some are also from me – haha 😉 )

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    The missing latching option for the Q switch on C series surfaces baffled me from the beginning when the C series was introduced. Tested it at PL&S, first question I asked “Is there a latching option?” “No!” “Why not?” “Ummmmm”. Sometimes I think the developers at A&H get “rebooted”, losing all unsaved knowledge, like latching options for things (talkback on iLive), ganging/linking on SQ (possible on ANY other digital mixer) and so on. Yes, those are great devices with penomenal advanced features, but some of most basic basics got lost. OTOH why even remove those four encoders at all? C series is still no bargain, encoders don’t really cost much and the PCB design of the S would have been reuseable. I think almost everybody would be willing to pay 50 bucks more for full encoders in the EQ section. Cutting that down just to separate the series is IMO stupid. There are far more important differences why to get an S instead of a C: Redundancy, more slots and so on. But what’s done is done.

    I agree with Steffens list, but like to add adjustable Q for the PEQs highpass/lowpass too (not the “preamp highpass/lowpass”). This gets more in the area of sound design than mere mixing, but I already could have put it to good use many times.

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    I collected some of our ideas

    the filters are not before the ADC there software too,
    anyway it would be great to have more flexibility in the filters and the EQ

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    I didn’t say there weren’t software. I said the channel highpass/lowpass is in the preamp section of the channel strip, to the left of the display, not to confuse it with the selectable highpass/lowpass in the PEQ section.

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    Also, will there ever be FX editing in the iPad app or do we dLive users need to be further envious because Qu has this?

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    why don’t you want to edit the FX on the console?

    I hope you’re not one of those who take the risk and just mix via Wifi? 😉

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