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    Ben A&H

    Hi all,

    Just to let you know that firmware 1.50 is online now – hope you like it!

    Ben – A&H

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    So awesome! Could you give an explanation of the “Auto Tracking” feature? And the “absolute” vs “relative” mode?

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    Hi Tor

    Auto tracking allows you to make changes to a scene or a range of scenes by monitoring what the user has adjusted.

    So let’s say you start auto tracking and you adjust a PEQ and a preamp gain, the console takes note of these changes and only these values are updated within the scenes selected.

    Using the old scene system you would have had to manually tell the console which params you wanted to update. Auto tracking is a way of defining the scope of the update automatically by ‘watching’ what the user has changed.

    Absolute mode is the same as previous releases, the value you see on the fader or pot is the value you will get in all the selected scenes.

    In relative mode, let’s say we have a preamp at 0dB in scene 1, and +5dB in scene 2, if I select both scenes for update, then recall scene 1 and enter auto tracking with relative selected then boost the preamp by 2dB you would end up with 2dB in scene 1 and 7dB in scene 2. So relative respects the current scene values and applies a delta to the existing value.

    In abs mode you would have got 2dB in both scenes.

    Worth noting relative applies to preamp gains, send levels etc. Not everything can be relatively updated. For all non relative updatable parameters which are scoped, they are done in absolute mode instead.

    Hope that make sense?

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    Yeah, it sure does. Nice new features, but to be honest I am quite disappointed you guys have not included a copy-paste or update all/selected of the Recall Filter. What good is an update of all scenes, if I have to go in and manually allow the adjusted parameter in the Recall Filter? 🙁 🙁 🙁 This is a huge issue – frankly, all changes that are “sent” to a scene via the update feature should AUTOMATICALLY also be set to “Allow” in the respective scene recall filter – at the very least this should be available as an option. Sorry, this is simply swing and a miss.

    I had probably expected a much bigger overhaul of the scene system. There is a long, long way to go before just barking Digico’s feet. At least you could have given us a standard Copy/Paste of the Recall Filter.


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    Hi Ben
    These are some very nice scene features!
    I have to admit though, I find it hard to argue with Tor regarding the recall filter. Also need to mention a potential pitfall: having used auto tracking to and chosen ‘realtive’ to change to a series of scenes and pressing apply, I may decide afte reviewing that I need to redo the adjustment, the next time I go to auto tracking the mode defaults to Automatic and there is a risk of destroying all relative parameters in the series of scenes I update. defaulting to automatic needs to be disabled and/or implement an undo step!

    What happened to the ‘preview’ feature we heard was shown at Frankfurt?

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    After several weeks trying to register at the end it seems that the website is working properly and I have been able to do so. Great!

    I just installed director 1.50 on my windows 10 and surprise! It only runs on a 64-bit system!
    Why not have made a version for 32-bit systems …? It would be very good, like so far.

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    Who really uses an 32bit Windows in 2017?
    Where almost every Computer comes with almost 8GB or more RAM that only can be adressed by an 64bit OS.
    So – i dont really see a problem with that.

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    New features:
    Support for new DX168 Remote Expander (Redundant Mode only)


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    Ben A&H

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the feedback so far, we do take it all on board 🙂

    @vilddyret, @scruffyd
    We’re looking into ways we can make the filters more usable in scenarios like this.
    I’m interested to know a bit more about the application where you are updating parameters in scenes that have those same parameters filtered out – is there a “base” scene you are using for these parameters and, if so, why isn’t updating the base scene prefereable for this application?

    And yes, there was a Preview mode on show at PL&S but as you’re aware it didn’t make it in to 1.50. That doesn’t mean it won’t appear in the future though…

    Sadly the 4GB limit imposed by x86 OSes is a problem now we are adding more features to Director so going forward we will be supporting x64 only on the Windows platform. I will ensure the website has a note to this effect on the download page for Director to prevent any confusion.

    Good spot! Keep your eyes on the website and social media for more info in the not too distant future…

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    Thanks for your rapid responses @ben

    Please also respond to this when you can: ‘potential pitfall: having used auto tracking and chosen ‘realtive’ to make changes to a series of scenes and pressing apply, I may decide afte reviewing that I need to redo the adjustment, the next time I go to auto tracking the mode defaults to ‘Absolute’ and there is a risk of destroying all relative parameters in the series of scenes I update. Defaulting to absolute after first autotrack needs to be disabled and/or have an undo step implemented!’

    Apologies for the misspelling in the original question.

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    Ben A&H

    Sorry, I missed that in my first reply. Good points, I will speak to the software guys about this as a potential workflow improvement.

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    Hello Ben ,

    On my PC (W7 SP1 32 bit), I had director 1.4, and no problems.
    I uninstalled 1.4 to install director 1.5. And now it only works on windows X64 while you continue to install under program (x86) folder !!! .


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    I start out a show/band with my recall filter set to allow all for my rehearsal and venue scenes – and block all for my specific song scenes/cues, except fx units, I know I will be automating that 🙂

    Then after rehearsals I will Allow the different parameters in the song cues, that I need for the particular show. Typically levels, send levels, fx return levels, and mutes for different channels. I really dont know from the beginning which features I would want in my recall filter.

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    regarding the recall-filter:

    Here’s my every day scenario as a professional touring Monitor-Engineer:

    The band uses InEar, lot of complicated Instruments and changes, so I have to carefully decide which parameters on which channels I recall and which not.
    Normally I have a “soundcheck” scene, where I have everything in (Patching, Gains, EQ, Comps, etc.).

    In the “song-based” scenes I normally recall monitor send levels, FX settings and levels on most instruments and vocals. I do not automate global stuff like TB, audience-mica (whom I also do by hand) and so on. I don’t do “basic” chandnel-processesing because the drummer my be changing the snare during the show, a microphone will break and has to be changed on the fly and so on, I may have to adapt Gain, EQ and Dynamics. So if I recall this in every scene, it will revert my necessary changes during the show (also maybe the drummer may be playing harder at one day, a singer will be ill, so I have to change Gains, EQ etc. in general).

    BUT: then I have the show, the tour is running, and one musician thinks it’ll be cool to have an additional acoustic guitar or another keyboard or whatsoever – then I have to change the Recall-Filter on all my (lets say 30 Songscence) because there’s another channel coming in. That’s what happens every time, that granted. So I have to invest like 20 minutes where I can concentrade an put it in every single scene by hand – and you don’t have 20 minutes on tour on your own to do that without being disturbed and then making mistakes.

    So this is why it’s heavily important to change the recall filter for many scenes at once!

    Also preview is essential:

    I have a 7 pcs band, they don’t want to do long soundchecks on tour (because they know I’m fast) – so during they check one song, they come to me and wanna have few changes in maybe 3-4 songs (while they are playing a different song) – 7×4 is 28 songs with at least 2-3 changes per songs makes more than 60 things to remember – because I CANNOT f***ing do preview – this is the job safer bevor every nice Master-Comp, MIDI-Implemantation and so on. Preview is one of the most used feature for touring monitor engineers.

    Don’t get me wrong, I also used a lot the iLive and made the band to buy a dLive – I like the board in general. But starting with 1.3 the scene-management wasn’t as good as in iLive (it’s getting way better know, and yes iLive didn’t have a preview too, why many of my colleagues refused to use it!). But in 2016/2017 preview is kind of a basic thing – even the cheap japan crap has it …

    Cheers Peter

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    Thanks for a nice update and a great product!

    I totally agree with pete.j.

    Unlike the world of theater, I’m dealing with changing set lists which is why I need the same recall filter on all scenes.
    During rehearsals I like to build as I go; starting out with nothing and then gradually building up the show by adding more and more parameters to be automated.
    I might have scenes within songs with just one parameter changing, which is why it would be great to change the recall filter on not only a range of scenes, but a selection of scenes.

    For instance:

    1) Song 1 (main recall filter)
    2) —Verse
    3) —Chorus
    4) —Verse
    5) Song 2 (main recall filter)
    6) — Verse
    7) — Chorus
    8) — Verse
    9) Song 3 (main recall filter)
    etc. etc.

    If I had to add just one more parameter to automate in my “main recall filter” for the entire show, I would now have to change the recall filter manually one by one for each of my songs (1, 5, 9 etc.) which is really time consuming.

    It wouldn’t be possible to use scene safes, as it would limit the parameters to automate in the scenes-within-songs.

    I hope it makes sense!

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