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    Is there ‘any’ processing within the dLive that could utilise the multiple AR boxes I already own?
    will there be a small Brains or even a card unit that can be plugged in locally to allow the AR boxes to be used?

    Looking toward the future.

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    Doubt it. Different beasts.

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    It must be quite difficult to forsee the future where one can get into a system where one can increase the potential of building on that system.
    An expanable system
    like the older days of anolouge where you can buy a 48 channel frame size and then add the channels as you can afford to do that.
    Or buying a studio desk with midi capabilities and you grow those software midi programs and/or reprogram the soft keys.
    I cant say I’m never going to buy a GLD although the re-invent looks great!
    Thats why I change the knobs on my QU’s.
    I doubt that in my time I will buy a dlive.
    never say never

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    Hi Dhak

    The main difference with dLive that makes the AR- racks incompatible, is that dLive runs at 96 kHz. The intended way to expand the system is using the DX expander rack, and/or via digital IO cards (Dante, MADI, etc).


    – Jeff, A&H

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    Jeff – thanks for the reply

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