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    Now, this is interesting – https://www.allen-heath.com/dlive-c-class/

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    Really nice!

    Wondering about price..


    dLive C Class systems range from $6500 for a CDM32 MixRack up to $21500 for a CDM64 + C3500, but please speak to your local distributor for specific pricing information in your country: https://www.allen-heath.com/where-to-buy/

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    As excited as I am to see this, it still baffles me why they severely limit the local I/O.

    You look at the S21, S31, M32, Vi’s, SC48, Midas Pro, etc. and all have local I/O available for small/medium sized gigs so you don’t have to force a mixrack.

    A C1500 should have at least 24 Mic inputs. C2500 32 mic inputs, and C3500 48 mic inputs.

    If you need expanded I/O you have the option to bring a mixrack.

    It’s very frustrating to be forced into remote I/O when dropping a console into previous copper lines.

    Not to mention the higher cost of manufacturing, extra truck space, extra time for setup, etc.

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    Hi ianhind,

    You wouldn’t want to leave your mixrack at home, it contains all the DSP 🙂


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    Nicola A&H

    To add to David’s post above, unlike most other consoles on the market, the MixRack is really the heart of a dLive system. It houses the XCVI core where all the routing, processing and mixing happens. It can be controlled with or without a dLive Surface, for example by a laptop, iPad, or A&H range of IP remote controllers. This opens up a number of applications where the Surface is not required or only occasionally used, in both installations or live sound. In other words the Surface is basically a remote controller for the rack, which explains why a MixRack is indeed required.

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    Mike Storm

    @ianhind, I guess most of us don’t have previous copper lines and wouldn’t want to pay for 48 preamps on a console at front of house when all the inputs are on stage.

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    Still disappointing not seeing a 16/8ch stagebox as IDR-16 for compact touring. Will be the one reason keeping us for not investing in the system.

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    Any infos on differences?
    Other MicPres? Whats different at the hardware other than size then the original DLive as the software seems to be the same?

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    Smaller racks. Only one I/O slot. Obvious desk and screen differences.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Albin and others,

    The mic preamps are the same. The main hardware differences other than size, weight and number of faders are:
    – Number of I/O Ports
    – PSU redundancy
    – gigaACE and DX Link redundancy
    – Local I/O on Surface (6in/6out XLR vs. 8in/8out, and 1in/1out AES vs. 2in/3out)

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    Looking good.
    So I guess these will not be available until?

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    They seem so similar to the S series, I’m not following why this new line comes out so soon after the S?
    There’s already smaller consoles in the S line, I don’t get it. It seems strange to have a new product that’s not substantially different from the other.

    Is it the Same Editor? Same channel features? Same software?


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    Thought the same thing at first, Mr.X. But after comparing them more, it’s clear that S Class is tour grade and C class is an entry-level dlive. The C class lacks redundancy and swappable power supplies, as well as fewer card slots, surface I/O, and DX expander ports. You also lose the left column of encoders by the screen.

    Similar chasis, same software and engine, and smaller form factors available. If anything, this is a very tempting product for GLD users who want to upgrade.

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    Yes looks like entry level dLive to me.
    Ive been tempted to get a GLD112 lately but…

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