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    Seems to be a very serious piece of processing. Facing tough competition from M5000+ SD21, but eager to try it out…
    BUT AGAIN: watched the brief video introduction, and noticed the same bloody soft-metering display graphics as on the Qu.
    I cannot fathom what type of esthetics or visual ergonomics lie behind this kind of thinking?

    Why can’t we have something like this- screen captured from the Ardour freeware DAW?

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    Sorry, this inadvertently posted on the Qu-forum, hopefully the moderator moves it to the right location, because I can’t. Not on an iPad, with Opera Coast, I can’t…
    Having less than fluent operation with the norwegian browser across the field, suspect that the big G has sumptin to do with it… shame, because Coast is the most user-friendly tablet browser, as far as the interface is concerned.

    Much Digression & Maximum Peace 2 everyone,

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    You are forgiven my son :).
    Go and sin no more 🙂

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    Myopic, that’s me- since I was born- learned to trust mi ears…

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    Yes – but unlike the horrible QU metering this at least has excellent surface channel metering! Looks like GR meters there also.

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    I was told there was room for the option to have some much more detailed metering on the right hand screen as long as I gave away some bit of irrelevant information I would never look at, would work for me. However the channel meters do look pretty good and who has time to watch a bunch of output meters much during the show?

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    Guys, it is a bit early to make any judgements on the product. The videos were shot with very early development mule software. I can attest to the fact that the metering ballistics are spot on, extremely accurate and they also include gain reduction as well as gate status on each channel, you also have full run plasma style meter bridges in the displays as well as bank view with full metering. Overall, it is am amazing package and is really going to set the bar for processing, I/O expandability and workflow. Stay tuned as the software gets closer to launch.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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