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    My worship leader’s vocal mic is doing this throughout the ME1 system. Definitely happens when he kicks his voice into high gear, as if it were clipping somewhere between my Qu-32 and the return back to the stage (evident with IEMs and floor wedges). There is no evidence of clipping or of over-cranked gain according to my console, so it’s hard to track down the parameters for this issue. Thought maybe it had something to do with gaining up the compressor and having the Global Direct Out for that signal set to post-comp, but I’ve had a hard time recreating it.

    It is a big problem, as he eventually just pulls his in-ears out in frustration.

    Would appreciate any insight on this…

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    I hope you don’t mind if we continue this in the other thread: https://community.allen-heath.com/forums/topic/me-1-giving-output-distortion-sound

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