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    Yeah as the title says i cannot believe i bought a PX5 mixer yesterday and as advised by A&H a Pro2 innofader just to be told by both parties we don’t actually have an adapter plate (should have been addressed by both parties back in 2017 when mixer was created) and you will have to go looking to another company to track it down, what a frickin start to things. Thanks A&H for mis informing me in your info that this is the innofader to get, never mind no one really took the bother of includinig an adapter plate or even liasing properly with innofader so the poor guy over there could cobble one together in time.

    Correct me if i’m wrong please but that’s my experience on the first day of owning both of these products.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @dobby –

    The innofader Pro2 is an optional upgrade for the PX5 and as a third party product intended for use with lots of different mixers, it can require adaptors for use with different mixers.
    Not everybody wants to switch their crossfader and as we do not manufacture or supply the innofader, there are three parts to this:
    – The PX5 – available through A&H distributors > dealers
    – The Pro2 – available through innofader distribution > dealers
    – The adaptor – also available through A&H distributors > dealers

    The innofader site ( https://innofader.com/mixers.php?id=217 ) provides the A&H part number for the mini adaptor board required, along with a link to the list of our distributors for all regions.
    Checking the part number, we are showing them in stock, so it’s simply a case of talking with your local dealer or distributor and requesting part 004-892JIT.

    I notice that you’ve contacted us about this through our support system and have already been provided with all of this information, so I can only presume you’re posting here because you weren’t aware of this at the time of purchase and are now frustrated (understandable), perhaps you got both the PX5 and Pro2 from the same place and they told you they would work together with no adaptor required?

    The only place where I can still see some confusion is your comment “…you will have to go looking to another company to track it down.”. To clarify, we are the manufacturer (of the mixer and the adaptor), but all sales of our products and any accessories/parts are through our distribution partners around the world, we do not sell anything directly.
    So we’re not saying ‘we don’t have it, you’ll have to track it down from another company’ it’s just that you’ve been directed to our distributor for the UK who will be able to sell it to you.

    I’m sorry that your experience so far has not been ideal, but hopefully you’ll be able to get everything set up exactly as you want it in next to no time.


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    thanks Keith, i’m in agreement with you.

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    I can also express some frustration with this particular situation as well. I was well aware of the need to purchase the adaptor before I purchased the PX-5. Tracking down and purchasing an adaptor has proven to be extremely difficult. I have been on a wild goose chase starting the the A & H website moving through the US distributor and now still waiting to hear back from an authorized dealer. If anyone has any leads on where to purchase one of the 004-892JIT mini adapter boards please do share. I’m not having any luck following the process outlined above (It’s been two weeks since I started searching) . In a perfect world a mixer touted as “innofader compatible” would either come with the adaptor in the box or allow innofader to sell them directly. It should be easy to acquire this adaptor as it’s made by A & H specifically for specifically for this purpose and the mixer is being sold with the language “Innofader compatible”. I have put innofaders in various mixers / controllers over the years and never had this hard of a time trying to get one into a mixer.

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    Hi Nate, looking back I did kick up a bit of a stink about this and good old allen and heath sent me one gratis/free from the other part of their company and i lucked in. Fitting it was a breeze. I threw my toys out of the pram a bit but hopefully you have managed to get some joy asking A&E or got one for yourself somehow? Let us know if not.


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    WOW ! So glad I saw this before ordering a Innofader Pro2 !!! I’ve just sent them a message asking about this !
    I just can’t believe that a Mixer that cost £1100 has a crossfader so bad !

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