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    Hello, I run a rehearsal studio and sometimes I notice that between songs when the band is just talking to each other, their voices will cut in and out due to the gates that I set up. Usually I go channel by channel and disengage all the gates then re-engage them when they start another song, but it would be so much easier if i could just press one button to shut all the gates for every channel on and off.

    Would it be somewhere in the Softkey settings?


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    If you want to close all channels, then a Mute-Group should do the trick. Temporary opening all channels (“removing the gates”) on a single button click does not work (with the current firmware).

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    You can try using scenes for that. With recall filters, block everything but CH processing.

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    I’m not in front of the desk right now but trying to figure out a combination between ganging channels in combination with Soft Key. Please come back if you get a combination.

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    In a studio why not apply the gate in post production?

    It would be nice if holding the gate enable button turned the “sel” row into the gate enable button for each channel, a quick look and rapid control.

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    ” I run a rehearsal studio” – so probably no post production going on in this case.

    I guess a “Bypass Group” working a bit like a mute group could be a useful thing. But why stop there? Personally, I’ve always wanted to go one step further & and have a DCA control for the Threshold and /or Range of groups of gates. I once played with a 16 channel gate unit that you could do that with using a midi controller & loved it. Could also work on Compressor Thresholds & maybe Ratios too I would think…

    Probably not something for this level of desk though…….

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    So, ganging as on the GLD.

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