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    Another update !!!!!
    Still no name on the screen for scenes and the next scenes!!!! not ganging for Aux!!!!. Mister ingenious can you think about people who work with your board? do you read the needs even the basic one?
    Tired of that basic problem of ” IT’S A SMALL STEP TO A GIANT LEAP “, probably the leap is too high if you can not do that, what is a smaller step than a leap?
    Disappointed and upset, to be so close to having a perfect board, but maybe you are scared to compete with your Dlive board?
    I would like so much to hear your arguments
    I bought the Dpack, you sound good but impossible to work in a show with a band with many scenes and the same for theatre.
    I don t understand your strategy, do you have one? to buy a Dlive?
    I hope to hear from you Allen and Heath and not with “in an update soon”, so may request from your clients about it !!!!!! with no answers???????

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    [comment removed by moderator]

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    Listed as a maintenance release. Doesn’t usually include feature upgrades.

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