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    Ok first of all, the mixer sounds great, but it’s not usable with that lagging Firmware. It’s an experience like on a Soundcraft VI 1 (but in 2020)
    The screens are really slow.
    DCA spills, really buggy, in a stressful live situation its really annoying and not usable. (I mean the whole desk….)
    I was pacient, have my desk since april, nothing changed…
    It seems to me like a discontinued product, with a buggy firmware at 1.03, the mixer is out now for a year, it still has a lot of bugs and none of the promises that were made are fulfilled.
    As an example, a year ago a director software was announced by Nicola for the end of 2019 (you can find that in a community discussion)…. Now at the end of 2020 still no director software…
    A&H promised that all released Deep Processors from the DLive System are going to be released in the further for Avantis, OPTTRONIK is out now since 2019, but still nothing. I feel fooled!!!!
    I thought when a company like A&H makes announcements its going to happen…
    Thinking of getting rid of the desk, no software support since more than 6 months, this would be ok if the firmware is work flawlessly, but it doesn’t…
    I think it’s a scam if a company is selling products which are far away from a usable state.

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    Hey Mat,

    I hope you’re keeping well.

    As you may be aware since April there have been a few issues have have got in the way of business as usual for a lot of companies globally both within the Pro Audio industry and outside of it, which has somewhat hampered our release schedule. We have in spite of this managed to get a few bug-fix releases tested and out the door. V1.1 for Avantis is currently the next firmware in the queue for release and is currently going through software testing, we’re currently expecting to release either late this year or very early in the new year. Though in the interests of clarity I must stress, this is just the current ETA, it is not a promise, or is it an ‘announcement’. Due to the nature of software testing if issues are found then the software must go back to the development team, this can take anything from a few hours to a few months depending on the complexity of the issue before another round of software testing begins.

    We understand this is disappointing, and assure you that we are as disappointed as anyone and are working hard to remedy this, we also work hard to try and set realistic and honest expectations for firmware releases, whilst we have announced that Director for Avantis would come with v1.1, and v1.1 was originally planned for the end of last year / early this year, I can’t find any reference to it being promised for 2019 in the community or elsewhere, only ‘tentatively scheduled’.

    If you’d be so kind as to open a ticket with the support team, someone would be more than happy to go through the issues you’re experiencing to ensure they are either remedied, or logged for future bug fixing. In particular any screen lag should be investigated as this is not a known issue with the console.

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    Thanks for the honest and fast respond!

    Of course i know the worldwide problems of all industries because of covid, but i guess it would be a good idea to tell the user community that the earlier tentatively scheduled releases are far of the plan. other industries also inform their customers about delays or other problems currently occurring.

    the general lag of the GUI and the screens is a known issue, also the copy paste screen lag is a known issue and is discussed in this forum.
    In my opinion, this should be noticed by every developer because these lags are obvious and general … I first had a rental desk due to delivery delays and now I have my own desk. I tested both over several months and both had exactly the same lags, so seems to be general.
    I know this issues are only a big problem in an advanced use, sometimes i just switch layers for just a second to change levels or anything else and if the screens are just a bit behind the faders, its s a workflow brake…

    https://community.allen-heath.com/forums/topic/overall-lagy-expierence (…. earlier post about mixer lags… )

    Yes you are right, 13 months earlier firmware 1.1 and director software release was tentatively scheduled for end of 2019. 13 months later it feels like a fool, also if it was just tentatively. (sorry i feel like that;)

    Offline Editor?

    2019/10/07 at 6:45 pm

    Nicola A&H

    Yes, an offline editor is planned, but not for V1.0. Tentatively end of the year.

    I really hope the new firmware will fix some of these problems…

    overall i’ve to say A&H is doing a great job, hope this time to;)

    thanx, Mat

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    I really hope the new firmware will fix some of these problems…

    overall i’ve to say A&H is doing a great job, hope this time to;)

    thanx, Mat

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    Hate to say, but when I read this Topic, I’m glad I did’nt buy up to now.

    It’s still an option for me, but as I read the software development at the moment, other Options are going to be a real alternative.

    Don’t misunderstand me: I like the avantis, and if the software is getting out of juvenile state, it’s an realistic scenario to get one. But till that lags and overall small issues are handled, I don’t dare to buy….

    so please Allen&Heath: sort out your priorities! Get it to run!

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    For the record, I haven’t had a single issue with mine, and I absolutely love the workflow, even more than the CL, digico, etc. FWIW, I still own a GLD & use a qu-16 for smaller talking head events.

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    I have 2 of these console at my work and other than the laggy UI I love them. I am however restlessly waiting for a feature release…

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