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    Hey folks!

    I’ve run into an interesting situation and trying to track the culprit down. For what it’s worth – we’re still on Firmware 1.70. Today I was mixing at our second campus, using a Surface Pro 3 running director so that I could sit in the audience position to mix. I saved one song cue, then went to the physical surface and stored those same settings in four other song cues as a base starting point for the rest of those mixes.

    Then I went back to the audience position, mixed and stored the rest of the cues using Director. Recalling those cues I saved using director actually recalled the earlier versions, for each song. They were all wrong. Fortunately, I’d gone to the c2500 surface and made backups because I’d heard this happened a previous week to one of our other engineers. I was able to recall the correct cues with the backups I’d made on the physical surface, no problem.

    I went back through and checked all of my recall filters for every scene on the desk, just in case there was some stray filter causing some odd conflict… everything looks legit. The only explanation I can come up with is that Director isn’t actually storing the scenes. The Surface Pro is definitely connected to mixrack (and Control surface.) All of my mix moves are received by the system while using director, and I can see meters, etc.

    I’ll also submit a ticket to support, but has anyone experienced anything similar?

    Very, very confused by this behavior…

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    I have run into what sounds like a very similar problem. Programming scenes into a surfaceless CDM32 using Director running the latest 1.72 firmware. Each scene had recall filters and crossfade times set. Each time I would store a few scenes and then go back and review what I’d done, the earlier stored scenes would be either the content from another scene or fader positions possibly picked up from when I was simply pushing faders to check levels and hadn’t actually stored anything. I was connected live and had audio running and meters bouncing.

    The only way I found I could successfully save the scenes correctly was to turn off all the crossfade times, store the scenes, recall them to make sure they were correct and then reset the crossfade times. Anything I attempted to store while a crossfade was set on the scene would not be stored correctly.

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    Question for the 2 of you, have you looked at what happens if you save a live show(when connected to rack and surface) with director?
    Does it save the file to the surface/mixrack, or is it like the older ilive editor and saves it to the PC only, or do you have the option to choose?

    Curious about what to expect when we upgrade.


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    I believe scenes are stored in the mixrack. I can log in using Director from any number of PCs on our network and they all show the same scenes. Surface layout is a different matter though and remains independent of any connected surfaces or other instances of Director.

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    Scenes, I do understand would be independent of director, I was curious about the entire “show file” when saved.
    If you save the show from the surface, can you recall it from a Director station, or be able to save any changes without having to do it from the surface. The old iLive editor could not recall/save show files to the surface/mixrack, only the pc it was running from. Once a show file was loaded from the surface/mixrack, scenes could be edited, recalled, etc…. common to all surface connections.

    If I’m getting too far off track from the op, I can start a new thread…

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    OK, so this is an old thread, but it’s the most current one for the issue I’m having. I’m still on 1.80 and my surface went DOWN with a power issue. So for the last two weeks I’ve been mixing solely off my iMac and Director to mixrack. Man, it works better than what I thought EXCEPT I DO NOT TRUST MY SCENES!

    I run my service with every section of every song with a scene. It works HORRIBLY! I found one glitch, if I used the copy and paste feature it ruined the copied and pasted scene…as well as other random scenes! Then today, in my run through I had all my scenes set with a few updates along the way. Then in service going through scenes there were like 10 scenes with all the same problem, it turned down the kick and the snare and some vocals. But the first time around it was correct, then the second, massive problems. Is director having a stroke or something? It’s very wishy-washy and I don’t trust it at all.

    Anyone have a fix or experienced this? I would guess this is a MAJOR problem for this software but in the later firmware releases it doesn’t look like it’s been addressed.

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    Nicola A&H


    We have many customers using Director only, and this is the first time I hear about Scene corruption on Copy/Paste. I suggest the following:
    – Update to V1.84*
    – Load your latest Show file in Director
    – Check your Scene Safes and Recall Filters to make sure nothing is Safe or Blocked where it shouldn’t be – the Scene Copy / Paste function copies across any Recall Filter, so this could explain why some parameters (e.g. your kick and snare levels) were not being recalled
    – If no Filters are set and you are still experiencing corruption after Copy / Paste, please capture a brief video demonstrating the problem and send to us with your log files and Show file at so we can look into it further.

    *I have seen your Facebook post regarding your concerns with firmware updates, but please note iPad apps DO NOT require updating to each maintenance release. Only major updates e.g. from V1.7 to V1.8 require MixPad / OneMix updates.

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