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    Using a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Director v1.63

    Would be nice to:

    1) While adjusting a control, display the values for the control in a location other than directly under your finger. For example, when adjusting the gain “knob” on Director v1.63, the dB readout is directly under your finger. Or, when setting the Dry/Wet setting for an insert, it’s impossible to see what the value is until you lift your finger from the tablet. Could it be placed to the top or side? Or, placed in a status bar somewhere? On M32/X32 iPad app, the values were always visible to the side of the graphical representation of the knob/slider/control

    2) Slow the response speed of controls. I challenge anyone to adjust the gain on a device by 1-2dB on the Surface Pro. The app is so responsive/fast that making minor adjustments is nearly impossible. Lifting my finger from certain controls results in the control adjusting itself even further… And I come from a world of mixing exclusively on tablets/iPads/Surface Pro – the Director seems to fly through the range of values, even when trying to make minute movements.

    3) Add a realtime RTA display to PEQ/GEQ so that when ringing-out monitors or PA, you can see exactly where runaway frequencies are occurring. They have this in the X18 AIR (a $299 mixer), the X32, the M32… it’s a huge time and frustration saver, especially when running in new locations.

    4) Get the iOS application fully developed please. 🙂

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