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    Finally got to fiddle with director …………ver 1.21 (could no get ver. 1.30 & 1.31 to work right)

    here are some thoughts/questions/suggestions etc…

    I don’t have my Dlives yet so maybe I missed some of the features,

    Can we assign PAN to rotaries on surface?

    Workable PAN in director would be nice, the present “slider” is too small/imprecise ..also odd that all the “deep” processors “imitate” old style buttons and interfaces but the pan is a DAW style “modern” slider.??!!

    Utility window: when saving a show, why go through the extra step of pressing “Go” when the store is complete?

    What is the purpose of having a bottom EQ strip (south user defined area) since we can’t directly control any of the parameters and can’t call the EQ up in the routing window?

    Segments on faders for quick reference would be well as values/segments on rotaries…..

    A quick “0” zeroing or resetting to flat of parameters……an eq band for ex….or re center a pan etc…

    Is there a pref to have Aux/Grp PAN follow main mix pan?

    Gang main L-R attributes when using on 2 faders!?

    How to copy an entire strip and paste to another?….so far all i’m getting is either gain or other parameter one at a time…what am I missing here?

    Signal gen….perhaps remove the msg “activate mains? this will route sigGen to mains channel, continue?” and bring back all on one page like ilive ..level settings and assign…..

    In the scene tab…I find the “store” too close to the “go” button…..yes there is an undo but during a show when I often make changes that could be problematic…..

    A quick way to re name inputs or strips? in ilive we used to press “enter” and we would automatically be set for the next channel…now it’s on a one by one process…..or again did I miss that part…

    Really wish we could access all the strips parameters in the processing view,including pan and fader level …

    We now need 2 pages to set Hi pass/Lo pass and EQ….??!!!

    On the lo and hi filters of PEQ we should be able to choose LF/HF shelving /Bell/Hi or Lo pass…not toggle…

    After years on ilives..why invert the colours for the hi pass and lo freq on PEQ page ??purple to green and vice versa??

    Really miss a total view of all the I/os…of course with twice the # of channels that could be difficult……

    Seems a waste in the “Routing” view to not be able to access all the parameters in the User assignable areas, (Hi pass , lo pass, EQ etc…)

    In the same user areas (right one in this case) if the ip name has a space in it (as in “Omni L”) the name of the channel in the send levels area will be split in 2 lines making either illegible.

    Interestingly, am confused as to why my surface set up was not saved with my show although that gave me a way to see more channels..ex: surface is S3000 saved show , used a S7000 in director surface layout recalled show but surface remained S7000??!!

    An upgrade path from Ilive to dlive would have been nice……so ilive shows could be ported to dlive….I know its a different architecture but still….
    All in all though a very nice gui and some very thoughtful innovations, can,T wait to use it….


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    Nicola A&H

    Hi RayS,

    Thanks for your feedback.
    I won’t comment on all your points, but let me say V1.30 had several improvements (for example, use of the TAB key to quickly name channels) and further improvements including a strip rotary control will be added to V1.40 soon.

    The Surface size is dictated by the menu at Director launch or the System menu. As with a physical Surface, a Show can be loaded on any Surface size.

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    Can you comment further on when this will be available?

    One of the big things I am missing is the ability to do sel/mix/pafl one a single butting on the IP8, as can be done on the softkeys. Overall I think the abilities of the controllers should be greatly expanded – it is such a shame that it is so limited in functionality, since they are so great 🙂 Why not have fx parameters on IP8 faders? That would be the coolest thing ever, and make the dLive a much much better creative tool.

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    Lookin forward to it! Good work so far, sir!

    (just hope you get a dB indicator on the rotaries in in time!) 🙂

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