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    Hey folks!

    Ran in to a bit of an annoying situation on a gig this weekend. It would be super nice to be able to patch talkback to an input directly via ME-1 patch. IE, as of now I’d have to send it to an aux and then that aux needs to be patched in, which is kind of a bummer because I either need to burn a buss to make it a discrete channel on Me-1, or send to a sub-mix I’m already using. In most cases, I only really need to interface with one or two people via TB, so it would be quite useful to not have to burn resources to patch to those units, or blast the whole band with my whining.

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    +1. I’ve had to do similar monkey business.

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    you can patch the socket…


    How is that remotely helpful? The point of tb and tb groups is that I have a quick way to swap between them, and that the audio is only active when I push the TalkBack button. If you patch the socket that’s a bunch of always-on noise from FOH. Nosir, that is absolutely stupid.

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    oh well then you have to burn a bus…
    if it is possible to patch a TB group it will still cost a bus

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    If I don’t need a group and want to save a bus, I make sure I have a cheap TB mic with a built-in on/off switch…solves the latching issue if you just patch the socket. But, I do add a vote for this feature request.

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    I always solve this via a mono-matrix.

    But also I think that it could be solved more easily and directly.

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