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    Keith, I watched your 2 min. instruction video pursuant to installing my new SQ Waves card. I have deep reservations about the “direct one to one patching” for my work flow. My SQ5/DX168 combo is primarily a FOH & wedge delivery system while live multi-tracking recording is an ancillary function. This fact necessitated the use of “Tie Lines” to implement USB SQ-Drive multi track recordings: so if the Waves application is different in this regard please let me know, otherwise I will use the “Tie Line” patching for my Waves card as well.

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    Typically for waves, you would patch into the Channel’s insert point.

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    First, you can multitrack record using Waves. If you want to do this, then using tie lines is the best option – just as it is with other recording methods. Otherwise if you are just using Waves for effect racks, you will generally insert those racks into the individual channels, groups or busses. You would not use tie lines in this case.

    If you end up doing both (recording and effects) then you will likely use a mixture of both – tielines for recording and inserts for effects.

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