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    SQ-7 running v1.5 firmware.

    I frequently use the “SQ-Drive Multitrack Recording” feature of our SQ-7 to record to a thumb drive. For a given show, we typically have 20+ scenes set up in the Scene Manager. Scenes are used to change which mics are muted and the fader levels for each scene. For the multitrack recordings, I sometimes need to change the Direct Out Level for one or more channels to prevent clipping, etc. To my dismay, what I’ve found is that the Direct Out Level falls under the “Fader” global filter. (I would have expected it to be under the “Preamp” global filter.) So, of course, if I make a change to the Direct Out Level it gets wiped out as soon as the next scene change is made.

    Here is my suggestion. Pick one of the following:
    1. Change the handling of Direct Out Level so that is falls under the “Preamp” safe instead of “Fader”
    2. Create a new safe called “Direct Out”

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