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    I sometimes make massive use of assigning the same dSnake input to multiple channels (for example musical school events where many students share few mics) so I can setup individual settings during rehearsals and only need to activate channels as required. This is one of the really nice features on a Qu32.
    However, assigning the proper channels for recording is difficult, since I want to record each mic only once and I rarely have a 1:1 relation between dSnake and channels, but currently we only may select channels for USB streaming, so it sometimes needs paper to understand which channels to select for USB recording to capture all dSnake sources and not to miss one.
    Since I prefer to record from post gain (pre everything else) it would be great to just pick the used dSnake channels for recording regardless of their use.

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    what a great idea!
    So is that mulitple mics in a few channels?

    however I can not see why you want to just record rather than all channels ? thats if you are remixing?

    Is this to save time in remix?
    As you stated ‘not to miss one is crucial!’
    Once gone … missed forever
    So I’m failing to understand exactly the paper thing here? A Paper map?
    Are you talking an ‘on the fly switching ina record channel?’

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    Ok, I’ll describe my setup from past days in some more detail.
    I’ve done two gigs for our local musical school where several vocalists perform about one song each. Along with the singers we had additional musicians like piano, cajon, djembe, acoustic guitars, bass, bongos etc.
    Major “problem” is, that each vocalist has a different type of loudness, timbre, dynamics etc. and just require individual processing.
    We all did this “on-the-fly” in the past but nowadays I prefer every singer gets the correct sound with the first note.
    This could be done using user libraries, I know, but on the Qu32 there are enough channels to keep one fader with individual settings and I just need to unmute the singer’s channel.
    At these event I basically had two solo mics (at piano and front), four handheld mics for chorus and one additional backing mic on cajon.
    The four hendheld mics were shared by two groups, the three solo mics are shared by another 14.
    So my fader setup looked like this (numbers in brackets were dSnake channels):
    1..8: Cajon[1], Djembe[2], Bass[3], Sax[4], Acoustic1[5], Acoustic2[6], Piano Stereo[7&8]
    9: Piano Mic[9]
    9..20: 12 Faders for solo artists using dSnake channel [10]
    21..24: Four handheld mics [13..16]
    25: Cajon Mic[11]
    26: Moderation Mic[24]
    27: Additional singer [10]
    28: Alternative singer on piano [9]
    29&30: Bongo[17&18]
    31&32: Local playback
    ST1: Break music
    ST2: D-Two return (sorry)
    ST3: Ambient Mics for recording only [19&20]

    With this setup there is no reloading of channels, scenes or re-assigning anything live.

    For recording we need to select fader channels to capture the correct streams, looked like this:
    1..8: easy, backline picked from channels 1..8
    9: channel 9 (piano mic)
    10: one of channel 10..20
    11: channel 25 to pick cajon vocals
    12: channel 26 (moderation)
    13..16: channel 21..24 to pick hendheld mics (on dSnake 13..16)
    17&18: channel 29&30 to pick bongo
    19&20: channel 31&32 to pick local playback
    21&22: ST3 L&R to pick ambient mics
    23&24: L&R (just for reference)

    The USB streams basically follow my dSnake inputs, but need to pick numerically different channels to get the signal. After setup this wasn’t clear enough, so my brain needed some paper to visualize these assignments (dSnake->channel->usb).
    Luckily all solo singers basically used the same mic, so setup was set&forget (and finally succeeded).

    The recording is done on post gain “direct out” for full after show remix. So each mic only needs to be recorded once. I simply want to pick dSnake channels 1..20+24 and know I had everything captured.

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    Yes I see the issue.
    Sometimes we just can not get away from paper?
    I’ll think about this over the day. 😐

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    I think you have to refer to the paper plan – although an input list on the recording page could be a useful alternative UI option

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    Sure, paper is ok if setup and mic assignment is clear and fixed before everything. Sometimes assignment need to be modified during rehearsals, last time I just forgot to let my usb assignment follow these changes and ended up recording the same mic twice and missed one.
    Sure, I could just record all 32 channels (oops, used 34…) via USB, but in fact the really used 18 channels (not counting ambient and moderation) would nicely fit 1:1 on QuDrive for backup recording, so any change need at least a review of two other routing dialogs (and don’t forget to correct the paper notes…).

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    Yes – plans change, and the ability to hold (several) large show files in your head is difficult…

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