Digital noise when streaming audio via USB-B.

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    Ok, but the first time i’ve heard for this problem is for years ago.
    And there is still no solution.
    My QU16 work with a system optimized for audio but is very hard to continue to use it.
    And there is no real official solution on your part.

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    From SQ5 reference manual;

    «USB 3.0 ports utilising xHCI host controller drivers should be avoided»

    In practice, how do I avoid these? Recently received my SQ, and need to upgrade my laptop. Have tried reading through this thread, but parts of it are way too technical for me. I see intel is being mentioned; should I opt for a laptop with a different processor to try and reduce the risk of trouble?


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    Area52 Studio

    “Here’s an article to troubleshoot issues with the USB B interface.
    Should this not be enough to solve a potential problem, please get in touch with us through: and we will be happy to give more assistance.”


    I have this same “crackling” issue with my QU-32.

    I’m a litte bit confused.. Where’s the article you refer to?

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    Customer Service? Where’s the article?

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    Rafael A&H
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    Thanks Rafael

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    Digital noise can be a frustrating problem when streaming audio via USB-B. It can manifest as static, hissing, or crackling sounds that can disrupt the listening experience and detract from the overall quality of the audio.

    There are several potential causes of digital noise when streaming audio via USB-B. One common cause is electrical interference. This can happen when the USB cable is too close to other electronic devices, such as a computer monitor or power supply. Moving the USB cable away from these devices can sometimes help reduce interference.

    Another potential cause of digital noise is an issue with the USB port or cable itself. A faulty cable or port can cause intermittent connectivity or poor signal quality, which can lead to digital noise. In this case, replacing the cable or using a different USB port can help resolve the issue.

    In some cases, digital noise may be caused by software issues. For example, outdated drivers or settings in the audio playback software can cause digital noise or other audio issues. Updating the software or adjusting the settings can help improve the audio quality.

    Overall, digital noise can be a frustrating problem when streaming audio via USB-B. However, there are several potential causes and solutions to consider. By identifying and addressing the underlying issue, it is often possible to improve the quality of the audio and eliminate the digital noise.

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    I just wanted to report, that I faced the same “digital noise” Issue with a QU 16 and a very old Firmware (1.90) connected to an Apple M2.

    After a firmware update it’s gone!

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    Hello everybody. I’m new here, but I feel so old about this problem that is creating so much problems in my job: I’ll explain from the beginning:

    1) I’ve bought the mixer, linked to a notebook (Asus TUF Gaming, Intel i7 11800H, 32GB RAM, nVidia 3050) on type-C port: crackling.
    2) Changed the port: USB 3.1 (the only option): crackling.
    3) Set the options for the USB power management: crackling.
    4) Changed the cable with an expensive one: crackling.
    5) Simply… turn off the WiFi: PROBLEM GONE! When I turned on the WiFi, the problem returned (also if not connected to anything, just activated).

    I was so happy and I used it for a whole year without any kind of problem. But I needed WiFi, so I changed the WiFi internal card (AX211) with a Realtek one: crackling.
    So I restored the last working card (AX211) but… the crackling sound returned and it didn’t went away, even without the card installed. What a mess, an incredible mess. Thinking now at the problem, I would easily bouth an external router and went with Ethernet, btw…

    I decided to build up a new computer, this time not a notebook (on a PC, maybe, I can buy or modify almost everything so…), with the only task to run ASIO driver on the QU-16, a DAW and some VST’s:
    Gigabyte UD Z790 – Intel 14700K – 32GB DDR5 – 750W good PSU (no Video Card, used the integrated one). I’ve used a good USB cable, connected to a USB 2.0 port (don’t know if it’s a “real” USB 2.0, but it’s written USB 2.0): after 3 hours of clean stream… CRACKLING SOUND!

    I’m so sad: I’ve built a brand new good PC only for this and still having this problem. Any kind of help is appreciated. Sorry for the bad English and thank you.

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