Digital noise when streaming audio via USB-B.

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    Ahh good to know.
    I think you may be the first to comment on here using USB to USC [shape]type port?
    Thankyou for letting us know.

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    Is the 56k ohm resistors a standard feature of usb-b to usb-c cables? If not, maybe this is the key for noise free connections from the Qu to modern laptops.

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    I’m not sure if it’s a standard feature but I figured it couldn’t hurt when I was looking. So far after a couple weeks it’s been working great.

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    Thanks for the update, Shane.

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    Still problems with nois in play mode.
    But it is a little bit better, since I enabled the Intel Speed Step Tech in Bios

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    Hi everyone. I am a complete lay-person, so I don’t understand the jargon, but I figured out enough to operate the qu16. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong, but am I understanding correctly that Catalina is not compatible at the moment with the qu16? I have been trying to troubleshoot for weeks and thought I was about to go crazy, but any insight would be greatly beneficial. Thanks!

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    Sweetwater says this at their link at
    Allen & Heath
    Allen & Heath does not yet officially support macOS 10.15 Catalina for their products. Core Audio driver connectivity will work with their products but unique features like DAW control are not officially supported. Go to your mixer’s product page and click Software for the latest compatible software downloads. Make sure your other software and devices are also supported before upgrading.
    Allen & Heath Support resources — see their link for hotlink to AH info

    Your DAW and plugs are another issue

    And here 1t 88570 –
    Alex S&H says
    Hi Sleeplesswaves,
    It is correct that MacOS Catalina is not officially supported at the moment, but I can help make sure everything on the desk is set up correctly before suggesting that Catalina is the cause of the problem.

    So Catalina might not be the problem

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    I update qu-sb with firmware 1.95 and crackling sound disappear.
    Windows 10, Intel i9-9900k

    everything work fine!

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    Here, too.

    Last week I started to use QU-16 (Firmware 1.90) in USB Streaming / DAW Controller mode with Cubase 10 on Notebook with Windows 10 and Intel i7-8700 / USB 3.0
    The recording was not usable, because of disturbing noises.

    After reading threads in german communities and here, I update the mixer to 1.95 and use a USB Cable with Ferrit cores.
    (Like this, but I used an old one

    Sounds disappear and not come back within a 4 hours recording.


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    use USB 2.0 instead

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    @SteffenR: Would be the best, but some new laptops don’t have USB 2, so we need every solution/try available for pc’s wirhout USB2. I bought an old used Lenovo TP 410 laptop for this purpose, but how long it will survive?

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    I am still using win98SE and XPPro. My win95 battery died and it was too hard to replace it or that would still be in use too.
    My win81 and win10 are also running. Soon my linux and rasp pi also.

    All my laptops have usb2 or usb3 that is compatible with usb2.

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    No, I am sorry but that’s not true: USB 3 is NOT completely downcompatibel to USB 2. That’s the reason for all this problems. There are differences in handling audio-streams! Only true USB2 ports work without problems (like in my old Lenovo TP 410, it does not depend on the operating system, but on the USB-architecture). It depends on the motherboards. There are differences between older pc’s with purely USB2 archtecture or both, real USB2 AND USB3 ports and newer ones with pseudo-USB2 ports, but purely USB3 architecture, with only pseudo-downcompatibility to USB2. In common applications you will not find a difference or problems, but in the special way, how A&H-Boards manage audiostreaming via USB, it is necessarry to have true USB2 ports with the corresponding old USB2-architecture. So to find a solution, that it works with true USB3 mainboards also, is the reason, why this thread exists since 2 years or so… A&H cannot solve it, because they cannot change the complete audiostream handling on their old QU-series. So every note, wich could be a solution, can help… but there are more posts, which tried different cables, never it was a solution for everybody… so perhaps I will try this special printer-USB2-cable also… did order it via Amazon… 🙂

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    Considering all the problems AH has with USB is it really the usb standard for compatibility from 3 to 2 or is the problem AH’s?

    If the problem was the usb3 vs usb2 why wouldn’t AH admit the problem instead of having a useless database telling to hunt for flash drives that are ‘supposed’ to work ?

    Seems like they would say what the problem is and say to use usb2 drives.
    And some folks claim their usb3 drives work which adds to the confusion.

    My experience was with win10 bricking usb2 drives not the standard being a problem.
    The Qu just refused to do anything with the usb3s and some usb2s too.

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