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    A simple delay option on the AltOut ports and possibly on the AES output, would make easy work of several queries we have had regarding church based installations – that of having a delayed output to run infill speakers.

    Whilst it is possible to abuse the ST1/2 returns and a stereo mix that does rather eat into the functionality, when all that is actually wanted is a short delay on the secondary output jacks.

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    As in our other thread. Could we have a page to assign LR mix pre everything to any stereo mix output? That would solve a lot of these issues. Mainly on QU16.

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    +1 for a solution for delay towers

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    +1 from me as well
    it would be helpful to corporate events too

    I would prefer to switch one mix to matrix mode
    that would really help all of us.

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    +1 for me as well

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    +1 for me too. Would be very helpful.

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    Basically, need a simple way to delay the mono output. I usually need the L+R mono output to feed the center and sub speakers.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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