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    any news when we get the new dLive Deep Processings for the Avantis? πŸ™‚ ?

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    A&H is very tight lipped about these things. They never want to promise something that then not be able to come through for some unforeseen issue. They may eventually hint at some of the features coming in the next major firmware update, but they will never give a solid release date.

    That being said, I would be surprised if we saw anything in the next couple of months. A&H just released DLive 1.9 in November and the two systems are so closely related that I assume it is the same team working on the firmware for both DLive and Avantis. This means the team really hasn’t been focused on Avantis until just recently and it will take months and months to update and test a new feature release firmware. Maybe second half of the year (probably more like 4th quarter) if I had to wager a guess – and that is if everything goes smoothly. If there is an issue that creeps up, it can delay a firmware release for many months.

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    Florian Steppke

    It is a bit sad that firmware updates are so rare regarding the avantis. 1.11 after 2 years of production. Its not sad because of new fancy features like a rta on peq for example which could make the console better. There still are issues and bugs that needs to be fixed, a laggy gui for example. Sometimes i have to wait 2 seconds until something happens. I even had some complete freezes. Or graphic mistakes, or the scene updater bug….such great screens and no multi-touch functions. Whatever. I hope that things get better for a&h when corona is not that big issue anymore.

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    The release notes provide a history of the firmware update release dates.

    I have no idea if the dev team is shared but here is the timing of the last 4 major releases across both platforms:

    3/2019 β€” dlive
    12/2019 – Avantis [initial launch]
    [big gap, covid fun]
    3/2021 β€” Avantis
    9/2021 – dlive

    Based on the history you might guess we could see an Avantis major release 6-9 months from 9/2021. But who knows, they don’t share their backlog or calendar with us.

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